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Six ways welding circuit board components:

Six ways welding circuit board components.

Refer to the following :

1.Arc welding
Arc welding, use of the workpiece arc melting heat to achieve connection.Arc welding is a common welding methods. There are two basic types. One is more arc.The melting electrodes are non-melting electrode arc, in which the electrodes do not melt and filler metals need to be added separately to the liquid pool.

2.Plasma welding
welding Plasma arc welding belongs to blink, which is a method of welding the base material melting through highly concentrated plasma welding beam welding arc.Plasma have high speed, there is an opening bevel, good welding performance, weld heat-affected zone of small, small welding deformation and residual stress, and can weld a variety of metals.

3.High frequency welding
welding hf hf including resistance welding and induction hf welding.It USES "collect skin effect" 60-500khz high-frequency current to heat the metal surfaces to be welded, so it melts instantly and then weld together under pressure.It used for welding pipes straight seam (round pipe, square pipe, special-shaped pipe and special-shaped steel, etc.) with high production efficiency.When cleaned metal surfaces prior to welding, there is basically no welding dust.

4.Gas welding
gas welding is a type of welding method USES or gas flame to melt fuse the workpiece to make the connection. This kind of welding has a variety of methods, including welding and welding Oxyacetylene oxyhydrogen classified according to the type of combustible fire gas.Heat produced by a chemical reaction, usually using acetylene as the combustible gas

5.Argon arc welding
Argon arc welding blinking belonged welding, which produces intense ultraviolet rays while welding. It is divided into non-melting and melting argon arc welding argon arc welding welding.Mobile vacuum cleaner can be used for argon arc welding. At the same time, good ventilation should be ensured at the welding station to ensure the health of the welder.

6. Resistance welding
Resistance welding is the use of pressure applied to the electrodes, and retain the heat generated by the welding current, actual welding method to join the class, including spot welding, seam welding, projection welding, resistance welding and welding so on.Resistance usually automatic for welding equipment fitted with a variety of electrical control systems and improved mechanical control.