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How to choose the number of PCB connected boards?

 Generally speaking, when the design engineer decides the appearance and shape of the printed circuit board (Printed Circuit Board), they should immediately proceed to the plywood/joint/panelization work of the circuit board. The purpose of connecting the board is nothing more than: to increase the output of the production line. Reduce the loss of plates:

Commonly seen connecting boards will combine two or more pieces of the same circuit board into a large circuit board, such as 2 in 1 (two in one), 3 in 1 (three in one), 4 in 1 (four in one), etc.; It is also possible to use circuit boards of different shapes to synthesize a large board, but it is rare, because it is difficult for the production tube to match the exact number of different PCB boards when arranging production; there are also examples of making the same board into a [yin-yang board], [yin and yang] Board] mostly means top and bottom configuration. This is usually used on circuit boards with fewer parts, such as mobile phone boards, because it can make full use of smt's long-term boarding function to increase efficiency, but the disadvantage is There are restrictions on use, and it may cause uneven heating. For example, some circuit boards will concentrate heavier parts on one side, and then this side will be used as a secondary part to prevent the heavier parts from falling. Of course, this The board cannot use the "Yin-Yang board" design; some boards may have more heat-absorbing parts (such as a large area ATM card reader slot), and it is not suitable for the [Yin-Yang board] design. Of course, there is also a flexible [yin-yang board] playing method that can overcome this problem, but I won't discuss it here for now.


Basically, when designing several boards, the following factors should be considered. It should be noted that afterwards, they should be converted into money for the latter's measurement standards. Considering the good usage rate of circuit boards, ordinary circuit board manufacturers will have their basic standard board sizes in order to quickly mass produce and reduce costs, such as 16.16"x16.16", 18.32"x18.32", 20.32"x20.32 ",... Wait, what we have to do is to use up all of these plates as much as possible, that is to say, we must choose a suitable standard plate size to stuff our plates in to achieve the goal of high plate utilization. Because the price of the circuit board will be priced according to the size of the board, the more circuit boards can be packed in a board, the cheaper the price of the circuit board. Of course, the price of the circuit board has to consider how many layers of the board, how many holes to drill, whether there is HID... etc.

Consider smt's delivery/posting efficiency

The smt line usually has the so-called long line and short line. The short line means the line is shorter. Most of them only have one fast machine and one slow machine. Most of them are to add another fast machine; the long line means the line is longer, the fast machine and the slower. There are a few more speed machines. But no matter the length of the line, there will always be a solder paste printing machine. Generally speaking, taking a plywood with a board length of 150mm as an example, it takes about 35-40 seconds to print the solder paste once. If only 2 in 1 plywood is used for input smt is short, then the time allocated for each machine may be about 10 to 26 seconds. Obviously, the time is all lower than the time for solder paste printing, that is to say, the subsequent pasting machines are waiting for the solder paste printing machine, so This results in the idleness of smt machines and also reduces production capacity. If the 2 in 1 connecting plate is changed to 4 in 1, then the efficiency will be improved immediately (output per hour)

The above is an introduction to the number of PCB connected boards. Ipcb also provides PCB manufacturers and PCB manufacturing technology.