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Glance circuit board waste water & Composition and classification
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Glance circuit board waste water

There are many pollutants in circuit board production process, and waste water mainly contains copper, chromium, nickel, zinc, acids and waste water alkali.If above is not treated effectively, it will cause serious pollution to the water body's natural environment.After with alkali acid ,, heavy metal pollution of water cushion is destroyed, damage water quality, suppress, or prevent microbial activity, reducing the ability of self-purification of water, at the same time, it will cause damage to the plant, heavy metal ions have the greatest health hazard and heavy metal ions in water will not microbial degradation, they can be in the absorption of the organism, accumulation and enrichment, which is harmful to humans, fish and plankton, serious when can cause plant death or livestock.Accordingly, should do the processing malicious changes, have to do management tight by the environmental protection requirements, achieve discharge standards.

Components and classification circuit board waste water

Sewage water quality printed circuit board industry are complex and must be treated in accordance with the classification of water quality.
1. General printed circuit board waste water containing the following components:
Heavy metals: Cu, Ni, Pb, Sn, Mn, Ag, Au, Pd, etc.
organic materials: various electroplating or electroless plating additives, complexing agents, cleaning agents, inks, stabilizers, organic solvents, etc.
inorganic substances: acids, alkalis, NH3-N (NH3 or ammonium salts), P (various phosphate), F, etc.
2. Waste diversion of water should be divided into three or more types: Cu, Cu complexed and organic matter.Ni and CN can decide if a shunt is required in accordance with the actual processing needs.
3, elimination of film development (deletion Film, elimination of film) liquid waste consists primarily of inks anti-corrosion, developer.COD very high concentrations, is a PCB industrial wastewater COD source.Because major specialty chemical characteristics, it should be separated and treated separately ,
4. complexed heavy metals Cu and Ni should be separated from waste water ionic and treated separately.
5. Liquid Waste should be classified and collected separately.