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PCB manufacturer, connector category performance introduction

PCB manufacturer, connector category performance introduction

1. Introduction
The English name of the connector is connector, and the Chinese name is also called plug-in, socket, and plug. Connectors are generally used to transmit signals or current devices. In the circuit, it helps the blocked or blocked circuit to build a bridge, so that the circuit is unblocked and the circuit realizes the predetermined function. The advantage of the connector is very intuitive, that is, it can make the equipment production process more convenient and flexible, and it can also reduce production and maintenance costs.

China's consumer electronics, communication terminals, and automotive electronics markets are rapidly expanding. Asia has been identified as the market with the most potential for the development of connectors, and China will also expand the domestic connector market at the greatest speed.

PCB manufacturer, connector category performance introduction

2. Performance
2.1 Mechanical properties
2.1.1 Insertion and extraction force
Insertion force: Insertion force should be small

Pull-out force: The pull-out force must be large, otherwise it will affect the reliability of the socket contact

2.1.2 Mechanical life
Mechanical life refers to the durability of the socket, also called mechanical operation. One of its cycles includes one plug-in and one pull-out, and whether the socket can achieve its function after the specified cycle is used as the judgement index.

2.2 Electrical performance
2.2.1 Contact resistance
Only a low and stable contact resistance can build a high-quality connector. Its resistance is generally between a few milliohms to tens of milliohms.

2.2.2 Insulation resistance
Insulation resistance represents the insulation performance index between the connector and the shell. Its magnitude is between hundreds of megaohms to several thousand megaohms.

2.2.3 Electric strength
Dielectric strength is called withstand voltage and dielectric withstand voltage, which refers to the ability to withstand voltage between the contact and the shell in the connector.

2.3 Environmental performance
There are many kinds of environmental performance. Common ones include resistance to humidity, temperature, salt spray, shock, vibration and so on.

Three, classification
There are many categories of connectors, but basically it does not exceed its own dividing principles. Considering the use of connectors and related technical standards, we can divide connectors into the following categories:

1. Low-frequency circular connector

2. Rectangular connector;

3. Printed circuit connector;

4. Radio frequency connector;

5. Optical fiber connector.

As the electronic integration technology is getting higher and higher, the "miniaturization" and "high-speed" of connector products have become a trend. The connector manufacturing technology will focus on breakthroughs in the following areas:

1. Miniaturization development technology: Miniaturization development technology can produce low-cost, high-precision miniature connectors under 0.3mm under strict requirements.

2. High-frequency and high-speed wireless connection technology: Mainly used in wireless devices, there will be a wide range of applications.

3. Intelligent technology: it can detect the signal by itself, make sure that the plug is connected correctly, then conduct the positive and negative poles, and finally drive the power

Precision mold processing: Introduce the industry's high-precision processing equipment to achieve high-precision and high-quality mold products

Precision stamping, precision injection molding

Automated assembly

Only by persistently developing new technologies can we enhance the competitiveness of the connector itself, meet market demand, stand out in the fierce connector competition market, and gain consumer recognition.

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