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Development of AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) technology inspection equipment

Before the development of AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) technology inspection equipment, it is basically a visual inspection for employees. If you want to know if the equipment is good or AOI Inspection A visual inspection is good, of course, you may have a better understanding of the source problem.Under needs of mass production and high quality, technology Aoi appeared as The Times require. The purpose of the Aoi is to solve quality problems assurance.Of of course, there are still a large number of enterprises, small-scale production is not large, it is also a fact fact.In, AOI detection equipment and visual inspection have their own characteristics:

-The advantage of visual inspection
Cozy, simple actions, certain basic operator TPS, can be competent;
high flexibility, equipment, no matter how good, only artificial, it is also not as good as people, with the ability to flexibly judgment;
The initial cost is small, the initial input only labor costs, no great expense;
Introduction easy, by means of mentoring, and guidance procedures, study in the mornings, afternoons can be a normal inspection, product quality problems.

-Profit AOI testing equipment
high repetition rate, can operate 24 hours a day; PCB of the same type, no need to repeat programming;
Detection performance is stable and not affected by artificial emotion.
Belonging to one-time investment, the follow-up of spending very little;
the credibility of high quality, ordering customer trust.