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Why qualified pcb assembly processing plant equipment is the most important

Why qualified pcb assembly processing plant equipment is the most important
I believe that many companies that need circuit board processing do not have a standard when looking for PCB assembly processing plants. Just find any one, the price is right, or they don’t have good resources and have no clue. Often fall into judging the pros and cons of a PCB assembly processing plant, only to see whether the price can be satisfied. However, according to the law of "wool coming out of the sheep", if the price of a PCBA processing plant is significantly lower than the market cost price, there must be a problem, so it is one-sided and far-fetched to judge from the price alone. In addition: "Sometimes the cheap is expensive, and the expensive is cheap." It is difficult to find a suitable PCBA processing plant.

So how to choose a qualified pcbassembly factory and what are the judging criteria for a qualified pcbassembly factory? Give you a specific introduction.

  1. The importance of pcb assembly manufacturing equipment

pcb board

As an industry that requires complete manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, a qualified PCB assembly processing plant must have complete settings. Manufacturing equipment directly determines the production capacity and quality of SMT patches. This is just as the ancients said: "No diamonds, no porcelain work" is a truth. Baiqiancheng Electronics adopts equipment that can meet the minimum placement accuracy of 01005 (Swedish MYDATA-600 solder paste jet printer/MyDATA-300 placement machine), selective wave soldering, 3DAOI, X-ray, etc. fully implement BGA/IC, etc. Therefore, it is possible to judge whether a company has relevant test equipment and qualified operation technicians through the equipment equipped by the company, and whether the daily production capacity can meet its own production needs.


Therefore, for a qualified pcbassembly processing plant, the configuration of the equipment is the top priority of eva

Evaluation Criteria. If a factory is unwilling to invest in basic industrial manufacturing equipment, can it be judged that it has no strength, and it is even ready to leave at any time?


Second, the importance of equipment capabilities

Due to fluctuations in consumption cycles and quarters, any industry and factory has a difference between off-season and peak season. When the order of a pcb assembly factory is very full and urgent. Even if other customers place large orders, two things will happen to the factory at this time. One is to take down the order first,


In the future, I will slowly grind with you until I have consumed all the existing urgent orders before I can do it for you. Second: Because of the delivery date, I will refuse to cooperate with you.


Even some large customers will require pcbassembly processing plants to separate two wires to it separately. Then you evaluate the production capacity based on all the company's production lines, and the final evaluation is watery.


Baiqiancheng Electronics has 12 medium and high-speed automatic SMT placement processing lines, 25 placement machines, 12 automatic loading machines; 12 automatic solder paste printers; 4 3D SPI solder paste automatic detectors; 2 rear welding lines, DIP plug-in rear welding lines that are hand-soldered by about 60 people. With sufficient production capacity, fast shipping and accurate shipping.


Therefore, for a qualified pcbassembly factory, the configuration of the equipment is the most important standard. Those who push the actual production equipment to talk about cooperation are rogues. Why is the qualified pcb assembly processing plant equipment the most important? This is the introduction, thanks for your attention.