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Advantages of X-ray inspection technology in PCBA inspection

Advantages of X-ray inspection technology in PCBA inspection

X-ray inspection technology is a non-destructive inspection technology
Compared with other detection methods, X-ray detection technology has many advantages.
First of all, X-ray inspection technology is a non-contact inspection, which avoids scratches and electrostatic interference on the sample surface.
Secondly, X-ray detection technology uses the imaging system to distinguish, and intuitively detects the true condition of the sample, without detection errors caused by multi-layer operations and conversion.
In addition, compared with other detection technologies, X-ray detection technology is more convenient in terms of working principle and operation design.

After one month of training for PCB production line workers, they are fully able to operate and use PCBA.


The last point that BQC must say is that X-ray inspection technology is a supplement to the functions of other inspection equipment, such as visible light surface inspection technology, electrical measurement and analysis technology.


pcb board

In short, it is an ideal detection method in the pcba process.


At present, the application advantages of domestic X-ray inspection equipment have gradually surpassed brands such as Shimadzu of Japan, Glenbrook Technology of the United States, and Yaya of Taiwan.


Obvious advantages include:


1. The operation is simple and intuitive, and the first-line technicians can operate independently. They can complete operations through buttons and software on the device without complicated steps.


2. The test results are displayed intuitively, and the software has a partial image zoom function and can be marked.


3. Using high-precision X-ray imaging equipment, professional imaging system, and unique algorithm, high-precision measurement can be achieved.


4. The test content is highly integrated: hole position, hole diameter error, leak, hole defect, measurement line, layer measurement, etc.


5. The size is not limited; the structure of the device can detect the size of the circuit board without limitation.


6. Marble countertops are required to be flat and smooth, without scratches, and without tilt errors in measurement.


The key of X-ray inspection technology in pcba inspection is the clarity of system imaging, and the image determines everything.


Although the application of this technology has gradually matured, optical imaging is a high-precision subject, requiring more professional R&D personnel to make breakthroughs in core technologies.


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