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Matters needing attention in smt factory, these are some details that few people know

Matters needing attention in smt factory, these are some details that few people know
In recent years, the SMT placement process of smt factories has gradually become known and familiar to everyone. Many smt factories will pay more attention to the pcb production process and manufacturing process during SMT processing, and ignore them. The environment of the factory. In fact, the electronic editor feels that only by adjusting the entire processing environment while taking into account the processing process can the efficiency of the smt factory's production line be guaranteed. Let me talk about the precautions of the smt pcb factory. These are some details that few people know. If you don't work as a worker, you really don't know.


As the so-called safety first, production second, the same is true for SMT patch processing. The level of production lines is constantly improving, and the degree of mechanization has been greatly improved, but there are also many links that require manual operation. Because SMT processing technology adopts the method of in-line installation, usually in the production process, the entire SMT production line is generally long, so we have to pay attention to the carrying capacity of these machines.


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The plant's bearing capacity is limited. If you don't pay attention to the plant's ground bearing capacity, it may cause hidden dangers such as ground cracking. As a result, production efficiency is affected, and even an irreversible negative effect on the company's reputation.


Another issue that needs to be paid attention to is the power supply of the plant to see if it can carry the demand for the entire set of equipment. The power supply voltage requirement for SMT processing is relatively large, for this reason, the voltage of the plant must be tested to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Even if the equipment runs occasionally and encounters welding and other links, the product quality cannot be guaranteed, which seriously affects production.


The start-up environment of the equipment should be in a clean and dry condition. If the operating environment of the equipment is wet and untidy, it will cause the equipment to be blocked, which will affect the service life and work efficiency of the equipment. It should be noted that the machine will produce vibration during operation, so the staff must pay attention to these links.


However, if it is found that the vibration amplitude of the SMT processing equipment exceeds the general range, then it must be vigilant and allow relevant personnel to perform maintenance. If the quality of the plant is not good, then excessive vibration will affect the use of the plant and may also make the operator feel uncomfortable. As a result, not only the production efficiency is reduced, but also production accidents are more likely to be caused.


The anti-static measures during the SMT placement process must be in place, which is a more important step, for this reason, the whole process must be paid attention to in the production process. Normally, the production line is already equipped with an anti-static system, but operators who lack knowledge must be properly trained.


The above are some precautions of the smt factory shared by the smt pcb factory. Few people know these details unless you have been an employee of the smt factory. In fact, the SMT patch processing environment plays a great role in the production efficiency of the production line and the safety performance of the equipment. Only by achieving safety first, production second, and good details can we ensure the efficient and high-quality production of SMT patches.