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Points to note in the wave soldering operation in pcba processing

Points to note in the wave soldering operation in pcba processing
In pcba processing, we may encounter a situation where there are more post solders, and at this time we need wave soldering for processing, so today the editor will introduce you to what you need to pay attention to during the wave soldering operation in pcba processing.

The wave crest surface is covered by a layer of oxide scale, which remains almost static along the entire length of the solder wave. During the wave soldering process, the PCB touches the front surface of the tin wave, the oxide scale is broken, and the tin wave in front of the PCB is not The folds are pushed forward? This means that the entire oxide skin moves at the same speed as the PCB.

Generally, in order to avoid poor wave soldering, the following methods can be used to avoid it: use components/PCBs with good solderability, increase the activity of soldering, increase the preheating temperature of the PCB, increase the wetting performance of the pad, and increase the temperature of the solder , Remove harmful impurities, reduce the cohesion of the solder? In order to facilitate the separation of the solder between the two solder joints.

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Common preheating methods in wave soldering machines: air convection heating, infrared heater heating, heating by a combination of hot air and radiation; wave soldering process curve analysis: wetting time refers to the beginning of wetting after the solder joints contact the solder Time and residence time refer to the time from contacting the wave crest surface to leaving the crest surface of a solder joint on the PCB. The preheating temperature refers to the temperature reached before the PCB and the crest surface contact, and the soldering temperature refers to the soldering temperature. Important welding parameters. Usually 50°C ~ 60°C higher than the melting point of the solder (183°C). In most cases, the temperature of the soldering furnace is lower than the temperature of the soldering point of the PCB during actual operation. This is due to the heat absorption of the PCB. .
Well, the above are some of the things that our production workshop needs to pay attention to during the wave soldering operation. Have you learned it? The points that need attention in the wave soldering operation of pcba processing introduced by the editor are here. If your company needs pcba processing business, please contact the professional pcba processing.
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