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The pcb factory introduces the smt placement process

The pcb factory introduces the smt placement process
We are a professional smt factory, which can provide our customers with smt chip processing, fast chip proofing, pcba processing, PCBA fast proofing and other services. The production workshop is all imported smt equipment and has many years of industry processing experience. The smt factory will introduce the smt placement process below.

The smt patch process.

Baiqiancheng smt factory introduces the smt placement process


What is smt, smt is a new generation of advanced electronic assembly technology. Simply put, it is a process of mounting components on a pcb panel and mounting components on a pcb board.


pcb board

The machinery and equipment used in the smt process of the smt factory are:

1. Fully automatic printing machine.

The function of the printer is to print the solder paste on the pads of the pcb. Since the circuit and pad points have been typeset on the pcb board, the printer automatically recognizes the pad points on the pcb board. This is the forefront of smt production.

2. Solder paste inspection machine.

It is used after the solder paste printer and before the placement machine. Use high-tech structured light measurement to measure the solder paste of printed pcb panels with micron-level precision. The advantage is to find the bad phenomenon of solder paste in time before soldering.

3. High-speed placement machine, also known as placement machine.

After printing the solder paste, it is a fully automatic process in which the components are accurately and accurately mounted on the pcb panel by moving left and right.

4. Reflow furnace machine.

It is firm by remelting the solder paste distributed on the printed pcb pads to realize the soldering of the surface components or the firmness of the pins.

5. AOL optical inspection machine.

It is mainly to detect multiple parts, missing parts, wrong parts, reverse paste, reverse polarity, replacement parts, and whether the pins are bent, text recognition, etc. on the pcb board.


What are Smt's technological processes? The above roughly understands the use of the machine and its basic function. In fact, the production process of Smt is completely in line with the machine. The production process of smt factory Smt is:

1. Put the solder paste on the prepared pcb panel first, and make the prerequisite steps for the placement of the components.

2. Dispensing is to drop the industrial glue onto the fixed position of the pcb panel, and its role is to fix the components on the pcb panel.

3. Mounting, accurately mount the components on the pcb panel.

4. Curing, so that the surface mount components and the pcb board are firmly bonded together.

5. Reflow, melt the solder paste, and pass the high temperature of the reflow furnace to make the solder paste melt firmly.

6. Cleaning, to remove harmful residues on the pcb panel.

7. Detection, PCBA is completed by a smt mounting process.

The above is the smt placement process introduced by the pcb factory. What is mentioned above is smt and the equipment and Smt production process that will be used in the smt process, do you all understand? If your company needs smt patch processing, please contact us, we will do our best to serve you.