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How to choose Shenzhen PCBA processing factory to suit you

How to choose Shenzhen PCBA processing factory to suit you
I have been working in this industry for a long time. I found that many customers would ask me how to choose PCBA processing plants. After all, these friends don’t know how to choose PCBA processing plants in Shenzhen. Is Shenzhen PCBA processing factory suitable for you? The editor will explain it for you.

First, look at the degree of specialization of the factory

Take a look at the factory's production equipment, whether it is complete, a normal and complete PCBA production line should be equipped with solder paste printer, placement machine, reflow soldering, wave soldering, AOI detector, ICT online tester and other equipment.

Second, ask whether the processing capacity of each equipment meets the processing requirements of your circuit board, such as the smallest package that can be attached by the chip mounter, and the largest PCB board width that can be processed by the production line.

Thirdly, check whether the PCBA processing plant has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, whether it has assembled and produced in accordance with the IPC-A-610F electronic assembly acceptance standard, whether there are SOP work instructions and other required documents to guide the staff's production work. The more complete the relevant documents, the more professional the factory can be. By checking these data files and certificate qualifications, you can help you understand the production quality management level of the processing factory.


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Second, look at the sense of service

PCBA is more than just cold product processing. Machines are dead, people are alive, and service is very important! Good cooperation, fast response, and professional handling can save you worry and effort. A PCBA processing manufacturer with good corporate service awareness can take the initiative to take responsibility when customers encounter problems and quickly help customers solve problems. By understanding the company's corporate culture and the attitude of business personnel to customers, we can understand the service awareness of PCBA processing manufacturers.


Third, look at industry experience

The PCBA industry is highly competitive, and it is difficult for PCBA processing plants without strength to survive. You can judge whether it matches with yourself by understanding the operating time of the processing plant, the coverage area of the processed product, and the difficulty of processing the product. It is more reliable to choose PCBA processing manufacturers who have rich experience in the industry and have processed their own products in the same field!


Fourth, look at the price

The price of PCBA processing is relatively transparent, and the price is high or low, but it is not the lower the better. If the price is too low, you have to be vigilant. Purchasing original original electronic components from regular channels and implementing strict quality control will increase the cost of processing. On the contrary, some PCBA processing manufacturers choose to cut corners and use fake and second-hand materials to reduce costs, which will seriously affect the quality and stability of their products. So you get what you pay for, don't pursue low prices too much, you should choose a suitable cost-effective PCBA processing manufacturer based on mutual benefit and win-win results.

When choosing a PCBA processing factory in Shenzhen, it is very important to choose a PCBA processing factory with strong production capacity and knowing how to cooperate. We can comprehensively consider the above points. The above is how to choose a PCBA processing factory in Shenzhen to suit your own related content.