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What are the requirements for the production workshop and environment of the SMT factory

What are the requirements for the production workshop and environment of the SMT factory
Because pcb production equipment is a high-precision mechatronics equipment, it still has certain requirements for the production workshop and production environment of the SMT factory. The equipment and process materials have certain requirements for whether the environment is clean, whether the humidity and temperature are appropriate, in order to ensure The normal use and assembly quality of production equipment in the SMT factory, the editor now introduces its requirements for the working environment.

1. Workshop

The load-bearing capacity, vibration, and noise of the factory building should be greater than 8KN/m2. The vibration should be controlled within 70dB, and the maximum value should not exceed 80dB. The noise should be controlled within 70dBA.

2. Power

The power supply voltage and power must meet the equipment requirements

The voltage must be stable and require:

Single-phase AC220 (220±10%, 50/60 HZ)

If the three-phase AC380V (220±10%, 50/60 HZ) fails to meet the requirements, a regulated power supply must be configured. The power of the power supply must be more than 1 times the power consumption.

3. Air source

The pressure of the air source can be configured according to the requirements of the equipment. The air source of the factory can be used, or an oil-free compressed air machine can be configured separately. Generally, the pressure is greater than 7kg/cm2, and clean and dry purified air is required. Therefore, the compressed air needs to be de-oiled. , Dust and water treatment, use stainless steel or pressure-resistant plastic pipes as air ducts.

4. Exhaust

Reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment need to be equipped with exhaust fans. For all hot blast furnaces, the minimum flow rate of the exhaust duct is 500 cubic feet/minute (14.15m3/min).

5. Lighting

The ideal illuminance in the workshop is 800~1200LUX, at least not less than 300LUX. When the illuminance is low, install local lighting in the inspection, repair, measurement and other work areas.

6. Working environment

The workshop should be kept clean and hygienic, free of dust, and no corrosive gases. The production workshop should have cleanliness control, and the cleanliness should be controlled at: 500,000; the ambient temperature of the production workshop should be 23±3℃ as the best, generally 17-28 ℃, the relative humidity is 45%~70%RH. According to the size of the workshop, a suitable thermometer and hygrometer are set up for regular monitoring and equipped with facilities for adjusting temperature and humidity.

7. Anti-static

pcb board

The production equipment must be well grounded, and the three-phase five-wire grounding method should be used and grounded independently. The ground, workbench mats, and chairs of the production site should meet the anti-static requirements.

8. Employee requirements

The operating staff of each equipment of the production line must undergo professional technical training and have qualified grades, and must be proficient in the operating procedures of the equipment.

Operators should strictly follow the "Safety Technical Operating Regulations" and process requirements.
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