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What are the advantages and disadvantages of pcb SMT high-speed placement machine?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pcb SMT high-speed placement machine?
The high efficiency of a large-scale high-speed placement machine or a high-speed small placement machine for high-speed placement machines is very effective. In fact, we all know that if the equipment is in good condition, the relatively high output value must be maintained at a high level for a long time. If it is an unstable device, no matter how long the output is, it will not be good. If you are talking about a stable device, only a small high-speed machine has the advantage. The initial investment to increase production is only the advantage of large-scale equipment. The concept of two high-speed machines is a different concept. Choose more equipment or complete according to actual production volume and product requirements.

The high-speed placement machine can be of any type. The structure is: turret type, composite type and large-scale parallel type. The range of installable parts is usually small. The installable parts are generally 0.4mm×0.2mm~24mm×24mm, and the height of the parts is generally the highest. It is 6.5 mm. Some high-speed heads can be installed at a height of 5mm X 5mm, and the height of the component can reach 3mm. Conversely, placing large components will result in a slower placement speed. The packaging of components usually only uses tape and bulk, but there are also some high-speed placement machines that sacrifice speed in tube and pallet loading.

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The heads of many high-speed placement machines can be installed at full speed when picking up and installing small components, but when picking up and installing larger components, the components will be picked up for identification. Calibration and placement will reduce the production capacity of the machine. Usually, a certain placement machine accuracy and some functions are sacrificed to achieve high-speed placement. The popular composite and parallel high-speed placement machines have improved this defect well. When identifying components, the placement head showed insufficient defects. If most components are calibrated by identifying the form factor of the component, a comprehensive inspection cannot be performed when placing large components.

All in all, although the high-speed placement machine achieves ultra-fast placement speed in placement technology, this is at the cost of placement accuracy and functionality. Therefore, high-speed placement machines have advantages, but there are also disadvantages. It is recommended that when purchasing a placement machine, it is best to choose a suitable placement machine according to the company's own needs.
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