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Common faults and solutions for coating in circuit board factories

We have a better understanding of the various processes of the circuit board factory. The previous editor introduced a lot of the process of pattern transfer to you. Today, the editor will introduce to you the coating method in the pattern transfer and the common faults and solutions in the coating. Method.

The common coating methods of  circuit board factory are as follows:


circuit board

Circuit board factory (liquid photoresist coating methods are divided into screen printing, stick coating, curtain coating (Curtain Coating) and spray coating (Spray Coating), etc.:


 a. Screen printing is a commonly used coating method at present. The advantage is that the equipment investment is small, and there is no need to increase the rigidity of the equipment; the operation is relatively simple; the cost is low. However, the production efficiency of screen printing coating is low, and the consistency is difficult to control.

Common faults and solutions for coating in  PCB Factory


b. The biggest advantage of roller coating is that it can realize coating on both sides of the board at the same time, and can realize the connection of coating and drying, with high efficiency; wide range of board thickness and film thickness. However, new equipment investment is required; the thickness tolerance range of the same batch of boards must be the same; the board surface must be flat.


c. The curtain coating operation is simple; the waste of raw materials is small; the efficiency is high; the film thickness is uniform and the film thickness range is wide. However, the equipment investment is large; the board is coated on one side and then turned over and then coated on the other side, which affects the improvement of its production efficiency.


d. The biggest advantage of spraying is that the flatness of the board is not high, and it can also be sprayed on the rough or uneven copper foil surface; the board thickness range is wide. However, new equipment investment is required, and the price is expensive; material waste is large.


Common faults and solutions in the coating process of PCB Factory:


1. The thickness of the coating film is uneven, and the viscosity of the ink is too small, so it is necessary to add a thinner to adjust the viscosity to normal;

2. The gap between the rollers is too small, adjust the gap between the pro-cylinders;

3. The roller speed is too slow, speed up the roller coating speed;

4. The ink discharge width is too small, increase the ink discharge valve flow

The above is the introduction of common faults and solutions in the coating of circuit board factories. Ipcb is also provided to PCB manufacturers and PCB manufacturing technology.