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How should customers choose PCBA processing plants?

How should customers choose PCBA processing plants?
For PCBA manufacturers to stand out from the competition, it takes a lot of hard work, and more importantly, a marketing thinking. In order to answer this question, we must first stand at the customer’s point of view and understand what the customer thinks.

How should a customer choose a PCBA processing plant? What do customers need to know when choosing a PCBA processing plant? I will give you a simple analysis!

1. Professional impression: customers believe that only professional people can achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, whether your quotation has a clear format and accurate words, whether the salesperson's phone calls are polite and professional, and whether the columns of the corporate website are clear and professional, etc., are all subconscious and conditioned reflections of customers evaluating PCBA processing plants.

2. Scale and process capability: Customers will carefully analyze the characteristics of their product projects and what process capabilities are needed to help achieve them. Therefore, customers will browse the introduction of enterprise scale and process capabilities as an important part of evaluating PCBA processing plants. in accordance with.

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3. Quality control method: The customer's initial evaluation of PCBA processing plants will form a basic impression: quality or price? Mid-to-high-end manufacturing capability or low-end manufacturing capability. In view of this, the professional description of quality control methods will also help customers quickly understand the capabilities of PCBA processing plants and provide favorable conditions in the competition.

4. Enterprise case: Does the website have a detailed case introduction, instead of just putting a few logos on it, it is better to have related background introduction, PCBA product pictures, etc.

5. Quotation: For PCBA processing manufacturers to analyze the quotation, you need to carefully browse the customer's website to understand the size of the customer's company and the positioning of the product in the market. For example, high-end products, you must care about quality and service; low-end products care about price and delivery . After capturing this information, you must set the corresponding price in a targeted manner to ensure your own profits, otherwise, even if the transaction is completed, the follow-up service will be difficult to sustain.

Customers often do not choose the highest quotation among many PCBA processing plants, and there is a great possibility that they will not choose the lowest, and they will definitely choose the one with the highest comprehensive score. Therefore, never expect to beat the competition with the lowest price.

In order to stand out from the competition, all techniques and tactics must return to one goal: to gain the trust of customers. How can two companies that do not know each other quickly establish business cooperation? In the final analysis, it is necessary to solve the problem of trust.

Trust does not come from what the customer hears and sees, but from what the customer perceives. If you are in full bloom, butterflies will come. Therefore, Baiqiancheng as a PCBA processing manufacturer, from professional website, sales staff, quotation, customer analysis, documentary strategy, to professional sample production and mass production, can promote the long-term cooperation between the two parties.