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Circuit board production quality requirements of circuit board factories

The printed circuit board is a special electronic accessory product, one customer, one model, one board, processed according to the customer's special documents, and there is no universality. When a batch of printed boards is rejected by the customer who ordered, BeiU can only be scrapped and will not be accepted by other customers. However, although various printed boards have different circuit patterns and different structural sizes, they also have commonalities, which are their basic requirements. , What I want to share with you today is the quality requirements of Shenzhen Circuit Board Factory for circuit boards.


Circuit board

PCB Factory PCB production quality requirements

 The first is the appearance requirements

The first impression of any product (item) is its appearance. The appearance has two aspects: usability and artistry. The printed board should also give people the feeling of exquisite artwork without affecting the use. The appearance includes board edge, surface conductor, solder mask, marking layer, plating/coating.


PCB Factory PCB production quality requirements


The contents of the visual inspection include:

(1) There is no pollution, inclusions, fingerprints and oxidation on the surface, so as not to affect the solderability and insulation.


(2) The edge of the board is smooth and clean, without bumps or burrs, so as not to affect the assembly size and insulation.


(3) The wire is uniform, without over-corrosion, chipping, or residual copper, so as not to affect the electrical performance.


(4) The color of the solder mask is consistent, and there is no peeling, omission, offset, or oil leakage to prevent the welding from being affected.


(5) The marking symbols are clear and unambiguous to read, so as not to affect assembly and maintenance.


⑹There is no scratch on the surface to avoid affecting the welding assembly and electrical performance.


⑺ There is no blistering or delamination between conductors or insulating layers, especially multilayer boards, to avoid affecting mechanical and electrical properties.


In addition to these requirements,  PCB factory has other requirements in terms of quality:

(1) Size requirements


(2) Electrical performance requirements


(3) Mechanical performance requirements


(4) Environmental resistance and other performance requirements