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How to choose a circuit board production and PCBA electronic product processing manufacturer?

How to choose a circuit board production and PCBA electronic product processing manufacturer?

With the rapid penetration of the Internet into traditional manufacturing, it has become extremely easy to complete international purchases online. However, the richer and more abundant supplier information makes our procurement more time-consuming and even difficult to choose. Purchasing managers often complain that they have spent a lot of energy and cost, and the selected suppliers did not meet expectations. So, how to choose your own electronic manufacturing service provider (circuit board production and PCBA electronic product processing manufacturer)?

Select circuit board and SMT supplier

Before answering this question, we must understand a basic concept of cooperation. Any long-term and pleasant business cooperation is based on reciprocity, that is, the right to the door, including the scale of the enterprise, manufacturing capacity, service level, development stage and corporate philosophy. Therefore, the suppliers selected by the purchasing managers through the first impression of prices often cannot be matched with them, because there are big loopholes in the dimensions of our evaluation. The following describes several evaluation methods for selecting electronic manufacturing service providers.

How to choose a circuit board production and PCBA electronic product processing manufacturer?

1. Online brand

A large amount of information about companies can be captured through supplier websites and social media. It’s hard to imagine that a supplier who doesn’t even have a website, and does not have relevant information in the search results of Weibo, WeChat, and Baidu, can provide circuit board and SMT processing services, and it is also hard to imagine that the website framework of a circuit board manufacturer is ugly (using template , No sense of design), PCBA electronic product processing manufacturers that have not updated for a long time can also have a professional attitude to serve customers. The following are a few test items:

1. Website design aesthetics

2. Whether the website is updated for a long time

3. Whether there is a corporate brand introduction on Weibo, WeChat, Baidu search results and other sites

4. Whether there is company-related information on video websites such as Youku and Tencent Video

2. Manufacturing capacity

You can learn about the manufacturing capabilities of circuit board production, PCBA processing and electronic assembly through the website of the circuit board manufacturer. Carefully read the main pages of the website navigation and find whether there are a lot of repetitive and contradictory introductions. These are the basis for evaluating whether its manufacturing capabilities are true.

3. Quotation reference

Never kill a potential circuit board production and processing and PCBA electronic product processing manufacturer just because of the price, then the other party's initial quotation will be 50% higher. Because circuit board and PCBA suppliers make quotations under extremely limited conditions, we are not 100% clear about our own product market positioning, detailed process requirements, and test plans. On the contrary, the suppliers with high quotations are likely to have detailed consideration in this regard, while the supplier with the lowest quotation seems to be just to win customers with price. As for the quality and craftsmanship, it is not the scope of their consideration for the time being. Generally, the initial quotation is based on a small batch of products, and it is very normal to have a large price difference.

Four, quality control procedures

Professional electronic manufacturing service providers should have a professional column on the website to explain their quality control plan, including the dimensions of process and internal management. This is an important factor for us to evaluate PCBA electronic product processing suppliers.

5. Certification ability

Whether the electronic manufacturing service provider has professional UL, CE, RoHS, TS16949, ISO9001 and other series certifications, which will determine the quality and reliability of circuit board manufacturing and assembly.

6. Professionalism of sales staff

As long as a phone call, you can clearly distinguish the professionalism of the salesperson, such as whether the speech is fluent, whether the business knowledge is proficient, whether the performance is extremely professional, etc. This is also to evaluate whether the circuit board production and PCBA processing manufacturers have a professional sales team Important reference.

Since the development of the B2B platform has entered the revenue stage, companies that are willing to spend money can enter a good ranking. Therefore, please give up the plan to find suitable suppliers on the B2B platform from now on. On the contrary, Baidu, Google, Yahoo, and Bing are more trustworthy because their algorithms are mature and the top-ranked companies often have advanced service awareness and pcb manufacturing capabilities in the industry. However, please carefully select the suppliers in the first 3 pages of natural search results, and then perform the evaluation of the above dimensions.