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What is the reliability design of printed circuit boards-smt factory

What is the reliability design of printed circuit boards-smt factory
At present, the country has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection and greater efforts in link governance. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for PCB factories. If the PCB factory is determined to solve the problem of environmental pollution, then FPC flexible circuit board products can be at the forefront of the market, and the PCB factory can get the opportunity to develop again.

The most important thing about SMT chip circuit board products is the reliability of the product. Reliability is the basis of chip processing and production. Reliability is an important indicator of circuit board products. Reliability has been neglected in the past. When the car is driving, the heat energy is increased by the mutual transmission between the circuit board wires. If the product does not consider safety, the circuit board malfunctions during the operation and the accident caused by the car accident, then the problem will come. Is the reliability setting of the circuit board important?

The answer is yes, the purpose of reliability design is to achieve the required reliability at the least cost.

Reliability is an important indicator of electronic products. The reliability of the product not only affects the future of the smt chip processing and production company, but also directly affects the use value of the product. Especially for military communication equipment, it has a particularly important meaning.


The reliability design of printed circuit boards is very complicated, and there are many content of reliability design, such as thermal design, drift design, anti-interference design, protection circuit design (anti-vibration design, three-proof design), SMT process design, safety design, Human-machine system design, reliability review and value analysis, reliability experiment and reliability appraisal, etc.

Therefore, for high-end electronic products, for the sake of safety and product use value, it is necessary for SMT circuit board manufacturers to design the circuit boards for reliability. iPCB is happy to be your business partner. Our business goal is to become the most professional prototyping PCB manufacturer in the world. With more than ten years of experience in this field, we are committed to meeting the needs of customers from different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requirements. As one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers and SMT assemblers in China, we are proud to be your best business partner and good friend in all aspects of your PCB needs. We strive to make your research and development work easy and worry-free.
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iPCB has passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, UL, CQC and other quality management system certifications, produces standardized and qualified PCB products, masters complex process technology, and uses professional equipment such as AOI and Flying Probe to control production and X-ray inspection machines. Finally, we will use double FQC inspection of appearance to ensure shipment under IPC II standard or IPC III standard.