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11 free PCB design software

11 free PCB design software

1. PCBWeb Desinger

PCBWeb is a free CAD application software used to design and manufacture electronic hardware. It uses fast and easy-to-use linear tools to design multi-layer schematics, uses copper and DRC detection to plan multi-layer circuit boards, and can be embedded in the bill of materials.

2. ZenitPCB

ZenitPCB is an excellent PCB design software that can produce professional circuit boards. The CAD module is flexible and easy to use, and can quickly implement design projects. Through ZenitPCB, you can create a project from the schematic or the layer itself.

3. FreePCB

As the name suggests, FreePCB is a fully open source Windows-based PCB design editor. It is simple and easy to use, capable of professional and high-quality work. It has some features: 1-16 layer design, edge size can reach 60 feet, import/export PADS-PCB list.

4. TinyCAD

This is a software to help draw circuit diagrams, it helps to complete your project from the symbol library, simplifying the work project and design. It can also be used to publish the drawn circuit diagrams by copying, pasting to a word document or storing as a PNG image format.

11 free PCB design software

5. Osmond PCB

This is a very flexible PCB design software, which runs on Macintosh. Many outstanding features include: virtual unlimited board size, number of layers, number of components, support for through-holes and surface mount components.

6. BSch3V

Schematic design based on Windows. "BSch" is taken from the abbreviation of "Basic Schematic" in the basic schematic diagram. In order to simplify the operation, it has only basic functions.

7. ExpressPCB

It is worth learning and using, PCB layer layering is very easy, even for first-time users.

8. Kicad

It is software released on the open source platform GPL, capable of making electronic schematics and circuit boards. It is very suitable for everyone working in the electronic design industry, and supports up to 16 layers of schematic and circuit board designs.

9. gEDA

This is a piece of software running on the Linux system for circuit design, schematic acquisition, imitation, copying and production. At present, the gEDA project provides a mature set of free electronic design application software, including schematic acquisition, attribute management, BOM list, layer management, etc.

10. Fritzing

This is a very interesting open source design software, for designers, artists, researchers and amateurs, you can creatively design electronic products. It can help understand electronic circuits, archive projects, and even prepare for production.

11. DesignSpark PCB

One of the easiest electronic product design software in the world, easy to learn and use. This software can greatly shorten the time from concept to product, and its software engine makes it possible to quickly obtain schematics and PCB layer designs.