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The production of smart trash cans in the PCBA industry

The production of smart trash cans in the PCBA industry
iPCB is happy to be your business partner. Our business goal is to become the most professional prototyping PCB manufacturer in the world. With more than ten years of experience in this field, we are committed to meeting the needs of customers from different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requirements. As one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers and SMT assemblers in China, we are proud to be your best business partner and good friend in all aspects of your PCB needs. We strive to make your research and development work easy and worry-free.
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iPCB has passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, UL, CQC and other quality management system certifications, produces standardized and qualified PCB products, masters complex process technology, and uses professional equipment such as AOI and Flying Probe to control production and X-ray inspection machines. Finally, we will use double FQC inspection of appearance to ensure shipment under IPC II standard or IPC III standard.
Smart hardware has begun to penetrate into people's daily lives, and trash cans that are so small that they can be seen everywhere are now being pulled into the ranks of smart hardware. In this scheme, infrared technology is mainly used to monitor the garbage capacity and automatically display the empty amount of the garbage can. The entire system has a voice prompt function, and more intelligent functions such as night lights, street lights, and solar energy can be expanded in the future.


The automatic sensing trash can is controlled by a circuit chip and consists of an infrared detection device and a mechanical electronic drive system. As long as there is an object close to the sensing area, the lid will automatically open, and the lid will automatically close after the object or hand leaves the sensing area for a few seconds. It does not require an external power source, it is powered by a battery, and has low power consumption. The exquisite streamlined appearance sensor flip design, which combines infrared sensor and microcomputer, is flexible and convenient, and it can easily throw out garbage without manual or foot stepping.

The induction trash can has an automatic switch function: when the person throwing the trash walks in, the lid of the trash can automatically open, and it will automatically close after throwing it out. Do not touch the trash can with your hands during the whole process. When there is no one in the surrounding area, the lid of the bin is closed, and the peculiar smell in the trash bin will not affect the surrounding environment.

It can intelligently detect the amount of garbage in the garbage bin: when the garbage in the bin reaches the threshold, it can be fed back to the convergence node through the wireless sending module and the cleaning staff can be notified to clean up in time. When the trash bin is full, the lid will not open automatically, and the surrounding environment will not be affected. The city can link the garbage information of various roads in the city through the metropolitan area network and aggregate it to the city's general monitoring center. So as to realize the intelligent monitoring of the city.

Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-quality PCBA supplier. We have also designed smart trash cans for our customers. We have rich experience in PCBA for this product. Welcome to consult us. The Internet era has broken the traditional marketing model, and a large number of resources have been gathered together to the greatest extent through the Internet, which has also accelerated the development speed of FPC flexible circuit boards, and then as the development speed accelerates, environmental problems will continue to appear in PCB factories. In front of him. However, with the development of the Internet, environmental protection and environmental informatization have also been developed by leaps and bounds. Environmental information data centers and green electronic procurement are gradually being applied to the actual production and operation fields. From this point of view, the environmental protection problems of PCB factories can be solved from the following two points.