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Detailed explanation of false welding and false welding problems in PCBA processing

Detailed explanation of false welding and false welding problems in PCBA processing
The false welding and false welding problems in PCBA processing and production not only bring great quality hidden dangers to products, but also cause bad effects to customers, seriously affect the company's image, and reduce production efficiency and increase production costs. We have fifteen years of professional experience in the field of PCBA processing services. Next, we will provide the following methods and measures on how to prevent false soldering and false soldering in PCBA processing.

I. Description of PCBA processing problems

1. What is virtual welding:

Virtual soldering means that there is only a small amount of solder adhesion at the solder joints, and occasionally an open circuit phenomenon occurs, that is, poor contact between the component and the pad, which greatly reduces the reliability of the PCB multilayer board.

2. What is false welding:

False welding is similar to virtual welding, in that the circuit works normally in the initial stage, and the phenomenon of open circuit gradually appears in the later stage.

3. Process involved


PCB multilayer board welding, wiring, debugging

4. The hazards of false welding and false welding

Due to the existence of false soldering and false soldering, the reliability of the PCB multilayer board and the overall product is greatly reduced, causing unnecessary maintenance in the production process, increasing production costs, reducing production efficiency, and causing great quality and safety to the products that have been shipped. Hidden dangers, increase after-sales maintenance costs.

2. Reduction of PCBA processing problems and preventive measures

1. The welding process focuses on matters needing attention

1.1. Electric soldering iron: Whether the soldering iron tip is clean, smooth and non-oxidized, if there is an oxide layer, you need to wipe the soldering iron tip on the high temperature sponge before soldering; whether the soldering iron temperature control is within the required range, too high or low temperature will cause welding Unfavorable phenomena, generally the temperature is controlled at about 300 degrees to 360 degrees, and the welding time is less than 5 seconds; electric soldering irons of different powers and types should be selected according to the size of different components and the size of the soldering point, and the shape of the device.

1.2. Solder wire: Use high-quality solder wire, (63% tin, 37% lead), the amount of solder should be appropriate, the solder joints should be wetted by the solder pads, and the via holes should also be wetted and filled.

1.3. Other materials and tools: use the flux correctly, check whether the equipment is normal when using the welding auxiliary equipment, and operate in accordance with the operating instructions and precautions. Maintain the equipment in time after use. (Semi-auto immersion tin machine, crimping pliers, etc.)

1.4. Before soldering, check whether the device pins are oxidized, and whether the wires, solder lugs or transformer pins are oxidized. For oxidized devices, it is necessary to remove the oxide layer and then solder to prevent the presence of oxide layers in the device from causing false or false soldering of the device. The welding materials and environment must be clean to prevent the existence of stains and dust from causing poor welding.

2. Strictly implement relevant process regulations, give full play to the role of self-inspection, mutual inspection, and quality inspection in the production process, and improve the pass rate of inspection through some necessary tools and tooling.

3. Relevant departments carry out targeted skills and knowledge training to improve their own operating skills; explain the hazards of the above problems to employees and increase the sense of responsibility of production employees; adopt necessary documents to ensure the correctness and reliability of production.

4. The Quality Control Department should strengthen the inspection of related issues, and take special rewards and punishments on the basis of the existing "Quality Assessment System" for special and prominent issues.

In the final analysis, the problems of false welding and false welding in welding are employees' sense of responsibility and operating skills. Employees should truly form a product quality awareness, improve their sense of responsibility and strengthen their operating skills, from components, tools, and related systems. To improve production, try to minimize and prevent the occurrence of unqualified problems such as false welding and false welding. At present, the country has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection and greater efforts in link governance. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for PCB factories. If PCB factories are determined to solve the problem of environmental pollution, then FPC flexible circuit board products can be at the forefront of the market, and PCB factories can get opportunities for further development.