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Must pay attention to these matters in PCB production!

Anyone who makes circuit boards knows that the production process is quite complicated~~~

Cutting, filleting, edging, baking sheet, inner layer pretreatment, coating, exposure, DES (development, etching, film removal), punching, AOI inspection, VRS repair, browning, lamination, pressing, Drilling targets, gongs, drilling, copper plating, laminating, printing, text, surface treatment, final inspection, packaging and other processes are incredibly numerous.

It seems to be awesome, but the process is so long and there are actually many issues that need attention.

One: Equipment is a treasure and needs to be taken care of

If you want to ask the circuit board factory what is the most valuable, the equipment will definitely not fall out of the top three.

Especially those high-end, atmospheric and high-grade foreign equipment, expensive, costing millions of dollars at every turn.

It stands to reason that such an expensive thing should be cherished.

However, in many circuit board factories, the "noble" equipment is treated at will: just use it hard and don't pay attention to maintenance. If it is really broken, it will be repaired and repaired.

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It's like a boy who takes all his energy to marry a lovely girl and goes home, and then doesn't cherish it anymore. The angels call her so she can take care of all the chores and important tasks such as washing and mopping the floor, buying vegetables, cooking, and going to work to make money. Yellow-faced woman with yellow face and thin skin.

People will always get tired, and so will equipment. No matter how good a machine is, it can't stand the arduous toss. Therefore, in factories that do not cherish equipment, there are often equipment shutdowns, and even equipment worth millions of dollars has deteriorated seriously in just three to five years and has to be scrapped.

Suggestion: organically integrate and subdivide "autonomous maintenance", "professional maintenance" and "initial improvement", design a controlled maintenance system covering the entire life cycle of the equipment, and form a "maintenance for repair" through the participation of all employees. Preventive maintenance mechanism to gradually realize zero failure of equipment.

Two: Cost saving, quick change of production is very important

We are now ushering in an era of small batches, multiple varieties, and high production costs. For circuit board manufacturers, the losses caused by switching production and stopping the line are very significant. If the line is stopped, a large amount of white money is gone. .

Take CNC molding machine as an example. Generally, one changeover time is 50 to 90 minutes, and one or two batch numbers are required to be changed a day. The efficiency loss caused by the change, the factory manager can't bear to think about it.

In addition, there are processes such as inner layer exposure, text printing, solder mask printing, dry film exposure, and drilling. The changeover time ranges from ten minutes to tens of minutes.

 Suggestion: Implement rapid production changeover activities to gradually reduce the changeover time of the above processes to less than 10 minutes.

Three: If the product pass rate is not mentioned, the profit will fall

For the well-known companies in the circuit board industry, the product pass rate will never be bad.

On the other hand, some small companies with mediocre performance may not perform satisfactorily in terms of product pass rate. The total failure rate of each process can be as high as 10% or more; the failure rate of a single process can be as high as 2% to 4% (such as exposure, development). The passing rate of products is poor. If the added value of the products is not high, the efficiency of the factory is naturally good and there is nowhere to be seen.

The reason is that employees' weak awareness of product quality is one of the important factors. As shown in the table above, the production process of circuit boards is very long. If one or two employees are absent in each process and do not take product quality seriously, the one-time pass rate of the product will be low and the problem will be very serious. Recommendation: Analyze the correlation between poor quality and equipment status, and then take targeted improvement measures. When carrying out quality maintenance, we should also pay attention to related factors such as improving the skill and proficiency of personnel.

Four: It is necessary to implement lean production according to the actual situation of the factory

In PCB factories, it is inevitable to prevent equipment from leaking, dripping, corrosion and other undesirable phenomena. At the same time, because PCB factories mostly adopt workshop-divided production methods, there are more handling between workshops and between processes. As a result, a lot of unnecessary costs are virtually increased.

Recommendation: Vigorously promote lean production, focusing on issues such as the improvement of the cleanliness of the equipment body and the improvement of handling (logistics) efficiency.

Five: Safety issues are the top priority PCB factories must prevent fires

Cost, equipment maintenance, pass rate, and lean production are very important for a circuit board factory, but for all circuit board people, the first rule they must engrave in their minds should be: safe production!

Safety is above all else!

The circuit board production process is long and complicated, and there are many hidden dangers. If you don't pay attention to it, it is likely to cause catastrophe.

Among them, the fire in the circuit board factory is the "demon" that we circuit board people hear the most but often see.

"Fire is the natural enemy of the PCB industry", "the industry with the highest fire frequency", some people sigh so. If we look back at the development history of the PCB industry for more than 30 years, it can be said that fires have followed all the way, and many world-renowned PCB factories have been burned by the fire.

Against this historical background, "Golden Mountain and Silver Mountain, fire fighting is the backing" is becoming more and more important. Therefore, in the production process, circuit board personnel must always pay attention to safety production first and prevent fires!

Recommendations: According to industry insiders, electroplating and etching are the processes that are most likely to cause fires; the main reasons are improper chemical treatment, poor temperature control, and wire escape. It is recommended to use D=LEC or other methods to carry out safety risk analysis on production equipment, and then take corresponding preventive measures, and carry out effect tracking and verification.