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PCB automation trend is obvious

PCB automation trend is obvious
Paying attention to the trend of environmental protection informatization and the development of various environmental protection technologies, PCB factories can start with big data to monitor the company's pollution discharge and governance results, and find and solve environmental pollution problems in a timely manner. Keep up with the production concept of the new era, continuously improve resource utilization, and realize green production. Efforts to enable the PCB factory industry to achieve an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly production model, and actively respond to the country's environmental protection policy.
   Affected by the economic situation in recent years, the global printed circuit board (PCB) market has maintained steady growth. As the demand for consumer electronics continues to increase, the Asian region has gradually become the main production base, and China has become the world's largest PCB producer. From the perspective of product structure, multilayer boards and automotive boards still occupy the mainstream.

Experts said that compared with the technical level, there is no particularly big gap between major domestic manufacturers and overseas manufacturers. The key to future competitive differentiation lies in the degree of production automation. In an ideal state, automated production lines can save about 50% of the labor costs of traditional enterprises. , The yield can be increased to 98%.


   Compared with the traditional PCB factory construction, the key to building a new factory for automated production lines is the training of maintenance personnel for automated machinery. According to the domestic industry average standard, in order to achieve the full production requirements of the new factory within one year, the major local manufacturers have adopted a phased implementation plan, strictly following the order from the workstation, the process, the tools to the factory. Nearly 80% of standard equipment is directly purchased through market bidding, and 20% of non-standard equipment is developed through the participation of suppliers. The period from procurement to commissioning of domestic production equipment is 40 days, and the imported equipment plus the commissioning period generally does not exceed 2 months.

   With the continuous increase of domestic demand in China's smart phone industry, flexible boards (FPC) that conform to its product design and processing technology have increasingly become the development trend of PCBA boards. At present, the main application areas of domestic FPC boards are mobile phones, LED lights and car connectors. Compared with the applications in high-end overseas fields, there is still a certain gap in material research and development, engineering settings and process applications.

   While major domestic FPC manufacturers continue to increase R&D investment and expand production capacity, they are also seeking to acquire and merge overseas companies with technological advantages to continuously integrate the industrial chain and gradually eliminate low-value-added products. According to experts, on the premise of maintaining the existing R&D investment, domestic FPC manufacturers are expected to achieve major technological breakthroughs in the next three to five years. Multilayer boards, wireless charging, fingerprint recognition, dual camera modules and vehicles will be the future The technological breakthrough and development focus of domestic circuit board manufacturers.
  Risk reminder: The industry has high technical barriers, large production investment, and strict national environmental protection supervision.
At present, the country has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection and greater efforts in link governance. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for PCB factories. If PCB factories are determined to solve the problem of environmental pollution, then FPC flexible circuit board products can be at the forefront of the market, and PCB factories can get opportunities for further development.