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Solutions for PCB assembly industry

Solutions for PCB assembly industry
        The PCB assembly industry is a typical process manufacturing industry with a high degree of equipment automation. In order to fully tap the production potential of advanced equipment, optimize production behavior, and comprehensively improve the level of enterprise information management, the construction and application of MES system is particularly important. Baiqiancheng takes the dynamic quality control of the production process as the goal, and solves the construction and application of MES for PCB board assembly companies based on the current status and characteristics of the information technology of PCB board assembly companies.

  Summary of MES system solutions for the assembly industry:

  1. At present, MES system is widely used in China. Enterprises should customize an MES system that meets their company's needs and development process through analysis and planning according to the company's internal and external conditions. For the assembly industry, the requirements for information automation are relatively high. The implementation of the MES system can start from data collection and monitoring, and on this basis, data quality analysis, process scheduling, etc. will be effective.

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  2. The MES system is a bridge for communication between production and management information, and plays a role of connecting the previous and the next in the enterprise information integration system. The ERP system without MES will not be able to quickly organize production according to market demand. Therefore, the MES system should handle the interface with the upper-level ERP system.

  3. Agile production is the core of the advanced manufacturing model. Traditional MES system solutions are difficult to meet this requirement. The MES system for agile manufacturing must have good integration, configuration, adaptability, scalability and reliability.

  The construction goals of the MES system for the PCB board assembly industry are:

  1) Build an MES platform with a unified basic data and system framework. Provide customized user interface, business modules and secondary development.

  2) Develop an MES system with the goal of dynamic quality control of the production process based on the requirements of the lean production management model. Through the establishment of a management control model of the SMT assembly line production process. Information data is collected and uploaded in real time, monitored and dispatched. Realize the integrated information management from product production task assignment, equipment management and on-site dynamic scheduling.

  3) Provide dynamic quality analysis methods, real-time quality problem alarms, promote the improvement of management level, and make the quality management mode transition from manual inspection to automatic processing and real-time control. Establish a quality knowledge base to promote the optimization of quality standards. Through the cyclic process of collection, analysis, processing, and accumulation, the quality is improved.

  4) Complete the integration with the enterprise's existing information system.
   According to the characteristics of the PCB assembly industry, the functional module division mainly includes data collection, monitoring and alarm, dynamic quality process control, process planning and scheduling, equipment management, auxiliary production site management, etc.