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Comparison of PCB design software categories

Comparison of PCB design software categories

1. Protel is undoubtedly the first eda software to come into contact with. There are protel software courses in most universities, but I have to admit that protel is indeed one of the lowest-end software in the eda software family. It produces single-panel and two-layer boards. It's still handy, but the 4th layer starts to feel unusable, not to mention more layers. If you are faced with high-frequency and high-speed multi-layer boards, those who can make high-quality boards with protel are quite good. of:)


It is hard to say whether protel will be eliminated in the future, there is still a considerable market for people who use protel now. Learning PROTEL is the basis for learning high-end PCB software.


PCB board

2. Pads is powerpcb. I call it the uncrowned king of low-end pcb software. It is the best one in all low-end pcb software. It is easy to use and easy to use. The quality of the boards will not be better than wg. , Allegro, etc. are inferior, and now the most widely used eda software on the market is suitable for the needs of most small and medium-sized enterprises.


3. Orcad orcad's pcb is worse than Protel, but orcad's schematic design part capture CIS is regarded as one of the best schematic tools in the industry. The interface is beautiful, easy to use, easy to operate, and powerful in simulation. Compared with the use of dxdesigner, I think it has the upper hand, but dx has very good management functions, integrated environment, schematic reuse and other functions.


4. The latest product of wg mentor company is WG2005. Based on the windows platform, when there is no big difference between the advantages and disadvantages of several high-end software in terms of function, only the software that is easy to pull is a good software, and WG2005 is a good software. It is the most cool software for pulling wires and is known as the king of pulling wires. Its automatic wiring function is very powerful, and the wiring rules design is very professional. ExpeditionPCB is the core part of WG's pcb. WG2005 includes DX, DC, DV, LIB, EXP and other parts. part.


5. EN is also a product of mentor company, the latest EN2004, because it is a product based on the unix platform, and there are no Chinese textbooks on the market, it is difficult to learn the software, which discourages many people; its professional level determines that it is not suitable Small and medium-sized companies, especially small companies, because there is no such need, a bowl of water can extinguish the fire. Why do you have to climb the mountain and travel a long way to a further river to fetch it, right? Besides, this software was originally designed for large companies Therefore, friends who do not have this need do not have to go to the trouble, if the work requires it, it is another matter. The schematic diagram is epd2004. Basically, the most important thing is the integrated management system.


6. The de facto industry standard in allegro high-speed board design!

Learn protel99se, there are a lot of cracking software, a lot of books, a lot of information, a lot of people teach you. The disadvantage is that its copper-clad function is too mentally retarded, and the automatic routing is also too mentally retarded, and it cannot be customized for large boards. Of course, only drawing double panels is the easiest for protel99se, and it is the fastest to get started.

Power PCB is also available, which is a little more advanced than Protel, and can deal with most high-speed boards.

Allegro and mentor specialize in making big boards, because they have strict rules and powerful functions, but it is more difficult to get started, and the cracked version takes more than 100 meters.

Allegro is a bit monotonous in color, a bit uncomfortable at first. But its functions such as automatic routing, wire repairing, winding equal length, differential routing, multi-line parallel routing, and copper repairing are all very cool to use.

Mentor is transformed from graphic design software. The colors are very rich and the wiring function is also very powerful. It is said that its wiring function is the most powerful among these eda software.

Mentor and power pcb are products of the same company. Little Japan likes to use Mentor because it is their own software.

Allegro and orcad are products of candence, and many foreign countries use orcad. The schematic diagram drawn with orcad conforms to international standards and can be compatible with all eda software.