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Smart sensor PCBA has had such a storm

Smart sensor PCBA has had such a storm
    sensor. In the past few years, smart devices were not really "smart" because they were "dead". They had no temperature, no sense of touch, taste, or vision. They needed to enter a command (button) to know what you wanted. After the appearance of the sensor, we can issue commands to the mobile phone through the sensor's "tactile sense".

      Definition and advantages of smart sensors
  The so-called smart sensor is a sensor with information processing function. It is a set of sensors and meters driven by a microprocessor, and has functions such as communication and on-board diagnostics to provide relevant information for the monitoring system and/or operators to improve work efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Compared with general sensors, smart sensors have the following three advantages: high-precision information collection can be achieved through software technology, and low cost; it has a certain programming automation capability; and it has diversified functions.

   Research on Smart Sensor PCB Copy Board


   Based on the definition of smart sensors, we can see that smart sensors are composed of highly integrated PCB circuit boards that carry chips. Due to the programmable software, we can easily complete the 1:1 restoration of technical production materials such as PCB files, BOM lists, and SCH schematic diagrams through the disassembly of the PCBA copy board program. For some more difficult encryption chip decryption, EMC design, PCB Layer, SMT patch, patch processing, PCBA welding and other technical processes, you can choose to cooperate with a professional reverse research institution, which is a more authoritative forward and reverse research institution in the industry As the first batch of high-tech enterprises approved by the State Council, it has three divisions: reverse engineering, digital electronics and boutique manufacturing, which can fully meet the needs of different customers, from research and development to production to innovation and upgrading. Business needs.

   Smart sensor applications are powerful
At present, it is the best time for high-end smart phones, smart homes and wearable devices to upgrade to PCBA copy boards. Whoever can seize this opportunity will be the biggest winner in the future market. All of these prerequisites are It depends on whether you have advanced sensor technology. From a certain point of view, the reason why smart phones are powerful can be attributed to a variety of sensors, such as fingerprint sensors, gravity sensors, acceleration sensors, light sensors, distance sensors, etc. These functions are still relatively primitive. In the smart bracelet of wearable devices with sensors as the core, there are more sensors with powerful health functions, such as acceleration sensors, height sensors, blood flow perspiration temperature sensors, and so on.
  Market research shows that smart sensors will be applied to all aspects of people's daily lives in 2014. For example, temperature, humidity, ultraviolet rays, radio waves, radiation salinity, climate, smoke detectors, cleaning robots, etc. can all be managed by sensors, which greatly facilitates our lives and will also drive a storm of reforms in smart equipment PCB copy boards. .