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How to distinguish FFC connector from FPC connector
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How do you distinguish FPC connector from FPC connector?Here's a brief overview:

FFC connectors and FPC connectors are often confusing in the connector world.Although both are flexible cable connectors, FFC connectors and FPC connectors differ to a certain extent.Flexible flat cable connector, FPC  is flexible printed circuit.In terms of manufacturing, the way their wiring is formed is different.

FPC is a flexible circuit board with different single side, double side and multi-layer structure after FCCL(flexible copper foil) is processed by chemical etching.FFC is with two layers of insulation foil film sandwiched between flat copper foil, the finished product is relatively simple, thicker.Strictly speaking, FFC is much cheaper and more companies prefer to use FFC related designs when production costs are taken into account.

After the production of FPC flexible circuit board products, circuit board factories often need to use the correct method for quality detection, so as to ensure the quality of circuit board. What are the ways to detect the quality of FPC flexible circuit board?Here's a brief overview:

1. Copper foil adhesion refers to the adhesion force of printed wire and solder pad on the substrate. The adhesion force is small, and the printed wire and solder pad can be easily stripped from the substrate.
Circuit board factory check copper foil adhesion available tape, tape through the wire to be tested, remove bubbles, and then printed circuit board with 90° target quickly pull off the tape, if the wire is intact, note the printed circuit board copper foil adhesion pass.

2. The circuit board factory quality inspection includes surface brightness, clear like the silk screen, welding plate is rounded and whether welding hollow in the center of the pad, photo reproduction way is used to make the film cover on the already processed printed circuit board, determination of the edge of the printed circuit board size, the width and the appearance of the wire is in the requirements within the boundaries.

3. The weldability of solder pad is an important index of printed circuit board. It focuses on measuring the wettability of solder pad to printed circuit board, which can be divided into three indexes: wetting, semi-wetting and non-wetting.
4. The electrical function inspection mainly includes the insulation and connectivity of FPC soft board, which may be measured by the light board tester.
Insulation inspection focuses on measuring insulation resistance. Circuit board factory may choose two or more wires closely spaced to measure insulation resistance first, and then measure it again after humidifying and heating for a certain time and returning to room temperature.