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How much do you know about HDI circuit boards

HDI circuit board is short for High Density Interconnector. High Density interconnection (HDI) manufacturing is one of the fastest growing areas in the printed circuit board industry.

HDI - short for High Density Interconnector - High Density interconnection (HDI) manufacturing is one of the fastest growing areas of the printed circuit board industry.From the first 32-bit computer launched by HP in 1985, to the large client server with 36 sequential layered multilayer printed boards and stacked micro-through hole, HDI/ micro-through hole technology is undoubtedly the future PCB architecture.Large ASIcs and FPGas with smaller device spacing, more I/O pins, and embedded passive devices have increasingly shorter rise times and higher frequencies, and they all require smaller PCB feature sizes, driving a strong demand for HDI/ micro through-holes.


  1. Stable production with low defect rate and high yield that can achieve high accuracy of HDI routine operation.

  2. Achieve the required output by printing the required number of panels every day.As previously stated, the relative quantity of the required output should be taken into account in the accuracy requirement.To achieve the required output, high yield is achieved by means of automatic control.

  3. Low cost operation.This is a major requirement for any batch manufacturer.Earlier LDI models may require a more sensitive dry film to be replaced with a more sensitive dry film to achieve faster imaging speeds.Or change the dry film to a different wavelength depending on the light source used in the LDI mode.In all of these cases, the new dry film is usually more expensive than the traditional dry film used by the manufacturer.

  4. Compatible with existing processes and production methods.The processes and methods of mass production are usually carefully specified to meet the requirements of mass production.The introduction of any new imaging method should minimize changes to existing methods.This includes minimal variation in the dry film used, the ability to expose the various layers of the solder mask, traceability features required for mass production, and more.

It is necessary for us to understand the optical module PCB, the optical module HDI PCB,when we know so much.