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Technical barriers in PCB manufacturing industry
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  PCB manufacturing industry is a technology-intensive industry with high technical barriers.

  PCB industry integrates electronics, machinery, computer, optics, materials, chemical industry and other disciplines to engage in product manufacturing services, which requires a comprehensive understanding and comprehensive understanding of the corresponding disciplines, and the ability to comprehensively apply them to actual production.From the Angle of the manufacturing process, with the development in the direction of high precision and high density PCB products, all kinds of PCB products especially all kinds of high-end products or special base material production, need different engineering organization and process adjustment, involved in the patent technology and proprietary technology know-how and special process is not the same, also has strong characteristics of flexible manufacturing;Secondly, in the process of product manufacturing, enterprises need to be able to produce all kinds of PCB products (such as electroplating, etching, drilling, surface treatment, etc.). Any defects in the process will lead to a decline in the final product yield, thus affecting the operation of the whole supply chain where the enterprise is located.

  PCB intelligent factory, how intelligent?

  As the global PCB manufacturing center, China's PCB products used to be mainly single and double panels, multi-layer boards under 8 layers and low-end HDI boards.However, with the development of 3C electronic products in recent years, thinner and shorter smart phones, Internet TV, wearable products and other smart products have sprung up like mushrooms after a spring spring, directly promoting the expansion of China's PCB industry to HDI, flexible board and other high-end PCB products, and gradually realizing the transformation of the whole industrial chain from low order to high end.At present, no matter large PCB manufacturers, or small and medium-sized PCB foundry, from the traditional factory to the intelligent factory, has become the inevitable transformation needs.

pcb fabrication

  In 2020, 5G communications will be rolled out.With the characteristics of large bandwidth, high reliability and low latency, 5G data transmission speed will be qualitatively improved.Among them, smart factory is one of the important application scenarios of 5G technology, can use 5G network, seamless connection of production equipment, and further through the design, procurement, warehousing, logistics and other links, so as to make the production more flat, customized, intelligent, so as to construct a future-oriented intelligent manufacturing network.

  If data interchange is the first step to build PCB smart factory, will 5G communication be the key to open the demand market for PCB smart factory?

  With the rapid development of the industry, PCB orders are more and more concentrated in large companies with high technical ability, strong manufacturing ability and the ability to quickly provide customers with comprehensive solutions.However, limited by their own technical capabilities, small-scale companies will see a decrease in order volume, which will lead to a situation of smaller and smaller profit space, which will increase the market risk of new entrants in the industry.