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Printed circuit board (PCB) industry research report

  5G base station construction takes the lead. After the issuance of the official 5G license, the base station laying market space is accelerated, driving the volume of high-end PCBs such as upstream high-frequency, high-speed, and multi-layer PCBs. Around, the incremental space of the communication PCB industry is expected to reach its peak between 2021-2022. 5G construction greatly expands downstream application scenarios, and the prospects for terminal PCBs are great.

  Based on this, New Material Online® has launched the [Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Industry Research Report 2020] for the industry's reference.

  Printed circuit board overview

  Almost every kind of electronic equipment, from electronic watches, calculators, to computers, communication electronic equipment, military weapon systems, as long as there are electronic components such as integrated circuits, printed circuit board must be used for electrical interconnection between them. .

  main effect:

  1) Provide necessary mechanical support for various components in the circuit;

  2) Provide electrical connection of the circuit;

  3) Mark out the various components installed on the board with marking symbols for easy insertion, inspection and debugging.

  printed circuit board

  Lines and drawings: Lines are used as the originals, and the tools are connected between them. In the design, a large copper surface will be designed as a grounding and power layer. Line and drawing made at the same time

  Dielectric layer: Used to maintain the insulation between the circuit and each layer, also known as the substrate.

  Hole: The through hole can make the lines of two levels or more connect to each other. The larger through hole is used as a part plug-in. In addition, there are non-through holes (nPTH) usually used as surface mount positioning, during assembly For fixing screws.

  Solder-resistant ink: not all copper surfaces need to be tinned parts, so the non-tin-eating area will be printed with a layer of substance that insulates the copper surface from tin-eating (usually epoxy resin) to avoid short circuits between non-tin-eating lines . According to different processes, it is divided into green oil, red oil, and blue oil.

  Silk screen: This is a non-essential composition. The main function is to mark the name and position frame of each part on the circuit board, which is convenient for maintenance and identification after assembly.

  Surface treatment: Because the copper surface is easily oxidized in the general environment, it can not be tinned (poor port tin), so it will be protected on the copper surface that needs tin. The methods of protection include spray tin, gold, silver, tin, and organic flux. Each method has advantages and disadvantages, which are collectively referred to as surface treatment.

  From the perspective of industrial scale, China has become a large PCB manufacturing country, but from the perspective of product technology, the sales of traditional single-sided/double-layer boards and multi-layer boards are still relatively high, high-tech, high-value-added HDI Although the proportion of sales of products such as PCBs and flexible IC substrates continues to increase, the scale is still small, and the product manufacturing technology and process are almost the same as those in developed countries.