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The best pcb board schematic design tool
PCB News
The best pcb board schematic design tool

The best pcb board schematic design tool


Hi, fellow colleagues, hello everyone
I found that the MENTOR jar is more lively than other jars. I believe everyone is very interested in WG and EN, because some of their powerful functions are very attractive. But there is a problem we have to face, that is the versatility of design .Usually our design drawings before pcb board are from customers, design houses, IC manufacturers or plagiarism, and it seems that orCAD is already the industry standard. We like orCAD capture because it is simple, beautiful, takes up less system resources and is more important It is that we can draw a schematic diagram without building a library or even a PART, just copy, paste, delete, and cut to draw a picture:)

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But orCAD can also be very rigorous, and it is the front end of Allegro. Cadence vigorously promotes... the future is bright...
But the pain is that WG and EN have their own things, orCAD cannot match them well. The most direct problem is the WG library.
Very troublesome, although orCAD can also transfer NET to Expedition, but many brothers know that there is no ECO, no way Forward Annotation OCAD-pcbNavigator-pads2004Sp2-WG Expedition method is not advisable, because our design is dynamic, schematic diagram Updates are often done. If you change something in OCAD, WG Expedition will be moved to the library. If you use WG Expedition to increase efficiency by pulling the cable, this method will outweigh the gains.
So there is no perfect way to synchronize OCAD capture and WG, EN. Our work efficiency cannot be improved. After all, it is not MENTOR's own tool.
Let's take a look at MENTOR's own tools, I think it is very confusing, there are a bunch of:
For example: pads-designer and epd's dx-designer and viewdraw (are they the same?) and DC (DesignCapture). The combination of DC and Expedition is seamless. dx-designer is powerful and will be the main feature of MENTOR in the future. PPCB cooperates with PADS-Designer. God knows what to do with so many things. I think MENTOR should only do one standard to occupy the main market, which will disperse the customer base. Standards are everything, OCAD capture
It is an example. Intel and other upper-tier manufacturers use it.
Because of the versatility, we have no confidence in using other tools. A lot of work will be done in vain, and many things have to be repeated.
To quote a big fan of Mentor Expedition:
Design Capture(schematic entry) is not too great and is the biggest complaint that Iget from the engineers Iwork with. They constantly reference the ease of use that Orcad Capture has. They soon learn what the limitations and quirks are and figure out all the work arounds.Hopefully the switch to Viewlogic in the future will make them happy.(wishful thinking)
Expedition is all about the central library.If you have more than one seat of the tool,never allow seperate librarys to exist,especially with the engineers running Capture.Difficult to move symbols and parts around and areal pain once your design database is out of sync with the library.
What schematic tool should we choose, which tool is more promising and versatile, should we abandon OCAD capture? This question is brought up for discussion.
The above is my brother's humble opinion, please advise from all walks of life. Express your opinions!

The above is an introduction to the best schematic design tools. Ipcb is also provided to PCB manufacturers and PCB manufacturing technology.