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The black PCB circuit board should meet the following points
PCB News
The black PCB circuit board should meet the following points

The black PCB circuit board should meet the following points


The black PCB circuit board should meet the following points
The Internet era has broken the traditional marketing model, and a large number of resources have been gathered together to the greatest extent through the Internet, which has also accelerated the development speed of FPC flexible circuit boards, and then as the development speed accelerates, environmental problems will continue to appear in PCB factories. In front of him. However, with the development of the Internet, environmental protection and environmental informatization have also been developed by leaps and bounds. Environmental information data centers and green electronic procurement are gradually being applied to the actual production and operation fields. Pay attention to product innovation in terms of energy saving and emission reduction. PCB factories must learn to attach importance to Internet technology and realize the practical application of automated monitoring and intelligent management in production through the integration of overall industry knowledge.
    Because the circuit traces of the black PCB circuit board are difficult to identify, it will increase the difficulty of repair and debugging in the R&D and after-sales stages. Generally, if there is no brand with profound RD (R&D) designers and a powerful maintenance team, it will not be easy to use. Black PCB circuit board. It can be said that the use of black PCB circuit boards is a brand's confidence in the RD design and post-maintenance team, and it is also a performance of strength. Generally speaking, high-quality PCB circuit boards should meet the following requirements:

    1. The copper skin is not easy to fall off under high temperature;
    2. The copper surface is not easy to oxidize, which affects the installation speed, and it will be broken soon after being oxidized;
    3. There is no additional electromagnetic radiation;


    4. The line width, line thickness, and line distance of the line meet the requirements to prevent the line from heating, breaking, and short-circuiting;
    5. High temperature, high humidity and resistance to special environments should also be considered;
    6. The shape is not deformed, so as to avoid deformation of the housing and dislocation of the screw holes after installation. Now it is all mechanized installation, and the deviation of the hole position of the circuit board and the deformation of the circuit and the design should be within the allowable range. iPCB is happy to be your business partner. Our business goal is to become the most professional prototyping PCB manufacturer in the world. With more than ten years of experience in this field, we are committed to meeting the needs of customers from different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requirements. As one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers and SMT assemblers in China, we are proud to be your best business partner and good friend in all aspects of your PCB needs. We strive to make your research and development work easy and worry-free.
quality assurance
iPCB has passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, UL, CQC and other quality management system certifications, and produces standardized and qualified PCB products. We master complex process skills and use professional equipment such as AOI and Flying Probe to control production, X-ray inspection machines, etc. . Finally, we will use double FQC inspection of appearance to ensure shipment under IPC II standard or IPC III standard.