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The development history of the circuit board
PCB News
The development history of the circuit board

The development history of the circuit board


The development history of the circuit board
Paying attention to the trend of environmental protection informatization and the development of various environmental protection technologies, PCB factories can start with big data to monitor the company's pollution discharge and governance results, and find and solve environmental pollution problems in a timely manner. Keep up with the production concept of the new era, continuously improve resource utilization, and realize green production. Efforts to enable the PCB factory industry to achieve an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly production model, and actively respond to the country's environmental protection policy.
    Circuit boards are also called PCBs and printed circuit boards. Printed circuit boards are bare boards without electronic components and have a history of more than 100 years.

    Before the advent of circuit boards, all electrical components were connected by wires to form a complete circuit. In the early 20th century, in order to simplify the production and reduce the cost of wiring, relevant industry personnel were seeking to study printing methods to replace wiring. During the decades of development, many engineers have added metal wires to the insulated substrate as wiring. Finally, in 1952, an engineer in the United States printed a circuit diagram on an insulating board and successfully built a conductor instead of wiring by electroplating.


    By 1936, an Austrian published foil technology in the UK, and he used a PCB board in a radio. In Japan, an individual successfully applied for a patent using the "spray attached wiring method". Both methods have their own merits, but in that era, the heat generation of electronic components was so serious that the real practicability was not very great, but it also promoted the advancement of PCB technology.
    In later times, with the slow development of PCB technology and electronic component technology, printed circuits developed from single-layer to double-layer to more layers and disturbing boards. And the accuracy, density, performance, and reliability are constantly moving forward. The size and cost reduction and reduction also make the PCB still maintain a strong vitality in the future electronic development. The future development direction of PCB boards is mainly high-precision, high-density, fine aperture, fine wire, small spacing, reliability, high transmission, and multi-level development. At present, the total output value and total output of my country's PCB board manufacturing industry both rank first in the world. Due to the low-cost advantages of China's related industry distribution and market advantages, China is also the most important PCB production base in the world. Our factory is located in China. For decades, Shenzhen has been known as the world's electronics R&D and manufacturing center. Our factory and website are approved by the Chinese government, so you can skip the middlemen and buy products on our website with confidence. Because we are a direct factory, this is the reason why 100% of our old customers continue to purchase on iPCB.
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