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What does pcba manufacturing department do?
PCB News
What does pcba manufacturing department do?

What does pcba manufacturing department do?


What does pcba manufacturing department do?
In today's era of rapid economic development, the emergence of any product cannot be achieved in one step, it needs to go through thousands of trials. Of course, this is a bit exaggerated. The engineer of Dongguan Boyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. pointed out that almost every smart and electronic product needs a production line, which involves the connection between processes, employees and leaders. Collaboration between. The essential chips in natural electronic products also need to be manufactured by pcba. So, what does PCB Manufacturing Department do?
1. The prenatal meeting of pcba manufacturing department. This meeting must not be regarded as a formal meeting, as everyone knows that it is an confession of skills, an analysis of previous documents, and a review of past defects. I have to admit that there are some small processing plants that do not pay attention to pre-production meetings, and this drawback is very easy to bring a large number of products "re-processing".


2. Analysis of pcba files. Boyuan Electronics attaches great importance to each such process. It is often easier to find some minor and fault-prone materials during the analysis of PCB files. This can avoid risks, and pay more attention to their structure, the bearing relationship between the board and the spacing, and the avoidance of signal interference during wiring in the later operation process.

PCBA circuit board

3. Purchasing work is also an indispensable work of PCBA manufacturing department. Boyuan Electronics will strictly control the purchase of every component, and it must be picked up from the original factory and large trading plants. The purpose of this is to avoid 100% fake and second-hand materials, and all raw materials will be imported into the factory. Carry out inspection and inspection work to ensure that the PCB received by the customer is free of defects.


4. What does pcba manufacturing department do? In the whole manufacturing process, the printing work of the solder paste and the control of the temperature of the reflow soldering furnace are the key. This step is still very important to the process requirements. When necessary, Boyuan Electronics will increase or decrease the steel mesh in a targeted manner, thereby avoiding the adverse effects caused by man-made.



5. Processing plug-in work. The plug-in process in the production process is a delicate work. In order to achieve the yield rate, it needs the continuous operation practice and summary of the engineer. Under normal circumstances, companies such as Dongguan Boyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. perform management and control in accordance with normal operations. There is basically no error.

 PCB board

6. Program firing. This step is to test the soldering of the chip to ensure that all components are conductive. This is not a mechanical method. The firing of the entire program is controlled in the processing center to ensure that it can test all functional changes more intuitively. What does the PCBA manufacturing department do? This work further ensures its integrity.


7. The last step is the test work. What does pcba manufacturing department do? This is more like an assembly line. From pre-natal to pre- and post-test, every link is closely connected, and the professionalism of all operators is required on the way to the connection. Only professionalism can ensure the orderly work. conduct. However, Boyuan Electronics has many kinds of test programs, and the specific test program is determined by the customer, and the report data is finally given.