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How to choose the substrate material for PCB proofing patch?
PCB News
How to choose the substrate material for PCB proofing patch?

How to choose the substrate material for PCB proofing patch?


How to choose the right substrate material for PCB proofing patch?
  The quality of pcb printing boards is largely affected by the quality of the substrate material. High-quality substrate materials can often create high-quality PCB proofing patches, and poor-quality substrate materials even have good ones. Wiring design, but because of the base material itself, there are defects of one kind or another in the later glue point, welding and other processes. So, what are the requirements for the substrate materials of qualified and high-quality PCB proofing patches?
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  1. Meet the requirements of circuit characteristics and printed board use
  Whether the circuit on the PCB proofing patch printed board can exert its characteristics during work is largely affected by the performance of the substrate. The substrate itself has excellent performance and can be well matched to the printing. The characteristics of the board circuit ensure that it has good working performance. If the substrate cannot meet the circuit characteristics, even with good printed board processing procedures, the working performance of the circuit is difficult to guarantee. At the same time, the requirements of the printed board use environment are also key considerations for the selection of PCB proofing and patch substrates. It requires that the quality of the entire equipment product production cannot be affected in the printed board working environment.

  2. Meet the reliability and manufacturability requirements of different pcb printed boards


  The so-called reliability is only the ability of products, equipment and systems to achieve established functions under specific conditions. In a sense, the PCB proofing patch is the basic part of the entire printing process. The reliability of the entire system is higher than that of other parts, and the base material is used as the carrier of the patch, which also requires its The performance is more stable and reliable, which can meet people's demand for the reliability of printed boards. At the same time, while ensuring reliability, product manufacturability requirements cannot be ignored. This also requires that the base material can meet the requirements of the production and installation of proofing patches, and cannot meet the production and installation of printed boards. There is no way to talk about reliability and practicality.

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  3. Satisfy the cost control of processing enterprises

  The ultimate goal of business operation is efficiency, and low input and high output are the most basic way to increase profits. This also requires that when processing PCB proofing patches, the company needs to meet the performance and use requirements based on the base material. To achieve low cost. The current SMT substrate market has a wide variety of types and large cost differences. When choosing the final substrate material, it is necessary to make multiple comparisons and choose the best cost-effective substrate to meet the enterprise's cost control.

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  4. Meet the requirements of environmental protection

  Environmental protection has become a necessary trend and requirement of the world's economic and technological development, which requires the best choice of substrate materials such as renewable materials and recyclable materials in PCB processing and production.
  This is the end of the selection method of the substrate material for PCB proofing patches. Only by meeting these requirements can high-quality PCB patches be produced.