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How to make pcba proofing the most effective
PCB News
How to make pcba proofing the most effective

How to make pcba proofing the most effective


How to make pcba proofing the most effective
  With the rapid development of the domestic electronics industry, some processing companies hope to complete the order as soon as possible, such as pcba proofing. Then, how can pcba proofing be the most effective?
  1. How to save time with pcba proofing

  1. Have a plan and follow the steps

  When faced with the rush of pcba proofing orders, if you want to better reduce the pcba proofing time, you must not waste time and do some things other than proofing operations. It needs to be carried out step by step. You can carefully read the documents and contracts of the PCBA proofing, understand the requirements of the proofing, prepare the materials needed in advance, arrange the proofing personnel in advance, if you need to shift work, you must also arrange the shifts in advance, these The more prepared you are, the more time you will save later.

  2. The planning scheme is more standardized

  The pcba proofing must be planned in advance. Generally, the proofing time is five to fifteen days. Why is the time span so large? The main reason is that there is no standardized design plan. The manufacturer may need to take some detours during production, so it is necessary to save time To improve efficiency, the design scheme must be standardized. For example, the heat dissipation holes of the circuit board should be reserved in advance, the number of reserved, where to place the marking position of the silk screen, when designing and planning, you must write specific parameters, which can improve efficiency and reduce pcba proofing time.


Circuit board

  3. Control the number of proofs

  The quantity of pcba proofing should also be controlled, because if the quantity is too large, the cost will increase. Try to make more of them during pcba proofing, so as not to burn the board during the performance test.

  Two, pcba proofing method

  Electronic products are inseparable from our lives, and computers and mobile phones have become necessities in life. The important components in these devices include pcb, which is the so-called circuit board. The processing process of the circuit board is pcba. Let's look at the main methods of pcba proofing.

  1. Additive method

  Specifically, it means to use the combination of ultraviolet rays and photoresist to expose some necessary places, and then use electroplating to thicken the certificate circuit, and then cover it with an anti-etching resist or metal thin tin. The last step is to etch and remove the copper foil layer. Lose.

Circuit board

  2. Subtraction

  Specifically, it refers to removing the unnecessary parts on the blank circuit board through certain chemicals, and the remaining part is the necessary circuit. The purpose of pcb's design and processing is to use screen printing or photosensitive plate, engraving for processing, and remove those remaining parts in time.

  The above is the method to reduce the time of pcba proofing and the method of pcba proofing. I hope you can master this technology carefully, which can save time and improve efficiency in enterprise processing. At the same time, we must master the correct proofing method to ensure the quality and quantity of proofing work.