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What are the difficulties in Pcba proofing design?
PCB News
What are the difficulties in Pcba proofing design?

What are the difficulties in Pcba proofing design?


What are the difficulties in Pcba proofing design? What are the factors affecting pcba's quotation?
  Why do everyone entangled repeatedly when choosing pcba proofing company? The main reason is that the budget is limited and you have to find a reliable factory, and the small batch of pcba proofing is not easy. The following editor will talk about the difficult problems of pcba and the pcba quotation issue that everyone is most concerned about.
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  1. Difficulties of pcba proofing

  One of the difficulties of pcba proofing is that the distance between the copper foil and the outer frame is too close. In order to achieve standard pcba proofing, it is best to control the distance between the outer frame and the large area copper foil to> 0.2 mm, otherwise the board will be milled later. At this time, it is easy to cause problems such as the solder resist top or the edge of the copper foil.

  1. The level of Pcba proofing is not clearly stated

  If the customer does not indicate in advance whether the top layer of the single panel is made positive or negative, it will affect the subsequent board manufacturing and component welding process.

  2. Draw pads with filler blocks

  If the circuit board design drawing provided by the customer uses filling blocks to draw the pads, although the design circuit of this form can pass the DRC inspection in the early stage, it cannot directly generate the solder mask data, which makes the board assembly and soldering impossible to complete.

  2. Factors influencing pcba quotation


  PCba proofing manufacturers are mainly distributed in first- and second-tier cities, such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an, Changsha, etc. Because the electronics industry in these areas is relatively developed, the distribution of pcba demand groups is relatively dense. As for the price of Pcba, first find a special proofing manufacturer, whose cost is determined by the number of prototypes, delivery cycle, type of prototypes, and proofing technology.

  1. The number of templates

  Proofing is generally in small batches. Small batches are more expensive than medium batches. After all, although the quantity is small, all the instruments that should be started have to be started, and all the labor required is used. In short, small batch pcba proofing is charged. Unless there are other projects with large output, it is possible that some samples will not be charged unless the production of other items is large.

  2. Types of templates

  Pcba proofing is actually a trial production of circuit boards. In the early stage of making electronic products, because of certain risks, designers may continue to improve according to the effects of trial production of circuit boards, and then proofing after improvements until it meets expectations. So most people Don't want to invest too much money in one proofing. And pcba is cheaper than fpc, hdi and other crafts.

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  3. The craftsmanship of the model

  In the process of Pcba proofing, gold plate and tin spraying are more expensive. If the osp process is used, the price will be cheaper.

  4. The material of the model

  Choosing cardboard is the lowest cost, followed by cem, fr4, aluminum-based or copper-based, which are more expensive in turn, and customers choose according to their own needs.

  Although Pcba proofing is a preliminary investment, it is not sloppy. For the specific quotation of pcb, you still have to consult the specific proofing company in your area. The quotation of different regions and different manufacturers will be different.