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Is the price of pcba small batch proofing expensive?
PCB News
Is the price of pcba small batch proofing expensive?

Is the price of pcba small batch proofing expensive?


Is the price of Shenzhen pcba small batch proofing expensive?
  Each new product has different performance characteristics, so Shenzhen pcba proofing is aimed at the new design requirements of the company's new products, so as to carry out the SMT patch trial production verification test, and confirm whether the product design meets expectations through pcba proofing. Let's talk about the charging price of pcba proofing, which everyone is most concerned about, and how to choose a company.
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  1. What is pcba proofing and what is the purpose of patch proofing?

  Strictly speaking, pcba proofing is a small batch of SMT patch trial production verification test, so generally the number of pcba proofing on the market is less than 30 pieces. There are usually two kinds of services on the market that provide pcba proofing-one is small and medium batch pcba proofing, and the other is centralized mass production. You can choose the right plan according to your needs, and it is best to consult clearly in advance.

  2. Why is the price of small-batch pcba proofing on the market higher?

  The purpose of pcba proofing is to sample to verify whether the functionality of the new product meets customer needs and design indicators. It has certain risks, and most customers are unwilling to invest too much. But the reality is that the price of small-batch pcba proofing in Shenzhen is much higher than that of large-batch pcba proofing, that is, the price of batch proofing is higher than that of small-batch proofing. Why?


  Whether it is small batch or large batch proofing, for SMT processing plants, the preliminary work is similar, including material inspection, pcb positioning, SMT placement machine programming, SPI solder paste inspection, solder paste printing, and patch processing , Power-on proofing confirmation, such a set of routine procedures. Although it is only a small batch of samples, but the procurement, production, and personnel have to be mobilized. In addition, the small batches of pcba are not concentrated when they are sampled. The processing process needs to enter and exit the line and change materials, so the cost is relatively large, which results in small batches. The main reason for the high price of Shenzhen pcba proofing.

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  Third, the market pricing of SMT patch proofing

  I have received many inquiries from customers recently, and found that everyone’s problems are mainly focused on the issue of Shenzhen PCB proofing charges. I want to know whether a certain SMT chip processing factory charges reasonable, the key is to know more and consult.

  In 2016, the pcba proofing price of most of our domestic SMT processing plants is almost set at more than 800, and the price of pcba proofing in first-tier cities, such as Shenzhen, is about 1,000 yuan. However, there are also some factories with reasonable prices. They set a "price target" at the beginning of their business and are committed to providing customers with the most cost-effective service. Therefore, the charging method starts at 100 yuan and 200 yuan, which greatly saves customers. Cost and lead time.

  The issue of Shenzhen pcba proofing charges is indeed a point that everyone is more worried about. Companies that want to control costs as much as possible should try to choose SMT processing plants with more reasonable charging methods.