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PCBA manufacturers analyze what is PCBA
PCB News
PCBA manufacturers analyze what is PCBA

PCBA manufacturers analyze what is PCBA


PCBA manufacturers analyze what is PCBA
A reliable and professional PCBA manufacturer is naturally familiar with the entire production line of circuit boards, and can also analyze one, two, three for professional knowledge. Many people are unfamiliar with the English word "PCBA" and don't know what it refers to?
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PCBA is the abbreviation of "Printed Circuit Board Assembly" in English. Through the translation, it can be directly understood that it refers to the circuit board of the empty circuit board through SMT patch, processing or through DIP plug-in to complete the whole process. This kind of name is more It is a foreign process. Chinese people are more accustomed to omitting A and directly refer to it as PCB.


PCBA is not simply made by manpower, it needs to be based on the design drawing or called the blueprint, through which a series of operations such as circuit connection, patch processing, and sealing are used to achieve the purpose of the circuit board. The internal components include all aspects, such as metal connections, through holes, external connection layout, heat dissipation, crosstalk, and other issues. Therefore, an excellent circuit design drawing can often save a lot of costs to protect the circuit board. Circuit performance and heat dissipation performance.

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N years ago, some circuit diagrams could be realized by hand, but with the convenience of computer operation, more and more diagrams are basically realized by CAD, so if you want to enter a regular PCBA manufacturer smoothly, Familiarity with CAD is essential.


At present, regarding the patch work involved in the PCBA operation, SMT and DIP are generally adopted. The main difference between them is that SMT does not need to drill holes on the circuit board, while DIP requires all components. Insert the PIN pin into the hole that has been drilled.


Here is a special description of SMT. This surface mount technology mainly uses the placement machine to mount some micro-small parts on the PCB. The production process is: PCB board positioning, printing solder paste, placement machine placement, and Reflow furnace and finished inspection. With the development of science and technology, SMT can also mount some large-size parts, for example, some larger-size mechanical parts can be mounted on the motherboard, but Boyuan Electronics, as a prestigious PCBA manufacturer, is very careful to tell you , SMT integration method is very sensitive to the size of various components, and in the entire operation, the solder paste also plays a decisive and key role.


So how does the DIP plug-in approach develop? Boyuan Electronics tells you that DIP means "plug-in", that is, inserting parts on the PCB board. Due to the large size of the parts and not suitable for placement or the manufacturer's production process cannot use SMT technology, the parts are integrated in the form of plug-ins. At present, there are two implementation methods of manual plug-in and robot plug-in in the industry. The main production process is: sticking adhesive (to prevent tin plating to the place where it should not be), plug-in, inspection, wave soldering, and brushing (removing in the furnace Stains left in the process) and made inspection.

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