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Precautions when copying PCBA finished products
PCB News
Precautions when copying PCBA finished products

Precautions when copying PCBA finished products


Precautions when copying PCBA finished products
The copying of PCBA finished products is a technical task, because it needs to analyze the technical documents of the products in advance, and also carry out the design ideas among them, and understand its structural features and process technology enough, although the copying of PCBA finished products is a Monotonous and tedious work, but it also requires professionals to upgrade product design schemes on the original basis to develop more market-competitive products.

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The matters needing attention when copying PCBA finished products are as follows:


1. Copy the original copy of the PCBA finished product for the record before copying the board. This is a series of work, implemented step by step, and the previous procedures are handled properly to ensure the smooth progress of the subsequent work. This first step will also directly affect the success or failure of the subsequent project nodes.


2. In the process of copying PCBA finished products, customers need to master the BOM list of components. Otherwise, it is difficult to ensure that the original standard is copied, and it is difficult to ensure that its settings are carried out according to the standard. The same BOM list production is not allowed. There is a slight error, which is extremely important.



3. When the PCBA finished product is copied, it involves disassembly work. When disassembling the board, it is especially necessary to check the polarity and direction of the components. After all, this is not clear, and the circuit board is more prone to errors during the restoration process.


4. The size of the PCBA product copy should be well measured. It is best to use the scanner to operate in advance, but as long as the equipment is different, the pros and cons of the scanner will directly lead to the existence of the original board picture and the actual board. Significant discrepancies, so it is very important to ensure that the picture is consistent with the actual product. Otherwise, the copy of the PCBA finished product is particularly prone to errors, so that the subsequent components cannot be installed and the SMT patch work cannot be carried out normally. Therefore, the scanned image should be clear and clear. During the operation, it is necessary to adjust the resolution of the scanner to a high level to ensure that the details of the circuit board can also be displayed when zoomed in.


5. When the PCBA finished product is copied, the PCB board provided by the customer in advance needs to be intact. After all, once it is damaged, there is no way to realize the copying work, and the difficulty of copying the board will increase a lot, so Be familiar enough to understand the requirements of the circuit board in advance, whether you want to operate the BOM list before, etc. need to be thoroughly understood.


6. Electronic engineers need the help of customers to provide more information about the circuit board under the premise of convenience. The purpose of this is to reduce the era of copying boards and ensure the success rate of PCBA product copying. So everyone When sending the original board to us, it must be packaged to prevent damage.


7. The copying of PCBA finished products involves the board grinding work. This work needs to be done by a dedicated person. Only by scanning the backup grinding board pictures in time, then some emergencies can be dealt with, and even the more complicated boards can ensure the success of the board grinding. sex. At this time, it is necessary to ensure the success of the board grinding work to avoid that the previous work is in vain, so scan the original board several times and back up several original pictures to take precautions and take precautions.


8. The packaging work of various components must ensure its accuracy and avoid asymmetry and non-standard situations. After all, there are many ways to copy PCBA finished products, but no matter which method is used, a scientific process is adopted. Diversified methods can guarantee the success rate of the product.

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Precautions when copying PCB finished products, the above is only a brief description of 8 points, and the time is far more than that. If you want to realize the secondary development or upgrade of the circuit board, then you need to conduct a comprehensive and systematic analysis. , And only in this way can we let our products win the opportunity and bring more long-term benefits.