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What is SMT patch? What is SMT chip processing?
PCB News
What is SMT patch? What is SMT chip processing?

What is SMT patch? What is SMT chip processing?


SMT manufacturer overview: What is SMT patch? What is SMT chip pcb processing?
Since the establishment of our electronics, we have opened a 24-hour customer service hotline on the lawsuit website to respond to customers' various queries in a timely manner. 80% of these questions are professional, which naturally requires the professional knowledge reserve of the official website customer service, otherwise it is difficult to answer questions. At present, the most frequently heard question from Boyuan is "What is SMT patch? What is SMT patch processing?" As a professional SMT manufacturer, it is necessary to explain your questions.

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Friends of the public must have discovered that many electronic products on the market now tend to be compact. On the one hand, they are convenient to carry, and on the other hand, they can meet the actual needs of people. All these small electronic products are inseparable from SMT manufacturers. Patch assembly line. After all, SMT patch can not only realize the integrity of the product function but also ensure the precision and miniaturization of the product. It is not difficult to find that it is a special process and technology in the assembly industry.


What is pcb SMT chip processing? Electronic products use capacitors, couplers, and small resistors on the circuit board to achieve their functions. If they want to be steadily on the circuit board, they naturally need SMT chip processing. The pin or short lead surface assembly element is installed on the surface of the circuit board or the surface of the rest of the substrate, and then the circuit is assembled and connected by the method of flow soldering or dip soldering. The general process element is to start with solder paste printing, and then carry out the placement of various parts. Reflow soldering is also important, and AOI optical inspection also requires a group of professional technical forces from SMT manufacturers to achieve it, otherwise it is difficult To ensure the pass rate of the patch, the rest is maintenance work, after all, it is an assembly line operation, and the maintenance link is indispensable, and finally it is undoubtedly the sub-board operation.

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So, what are the advantages of SMT chip processing? As a reliable SMT manufacturer, our Electronics Co., Ltd. tells you that using this processing method can often achieve high density, high reliability, miniaturization, and Low cost and production automation. But no matter which method is adopted, the basic process is very different, and it is undoubtedly started from these directions:


1. The loading work of the circuit board: put the PCB circuit board to be assembled on the circuit board loading device of the placement equipment;


2. The circuit board transfer mechanism transfers the blank circuit board to the workbench of the placement machine on the production line, and positions it in the coordinate system of the system; professional SMT manufacturers will especially require the orderliness and neatness of this step.


3. The operator needs to place the components in the predetermined position to be taken out in the tray package;


4. Pick up various components and prepare for the next mounting work.


5. How to realize the centering of components? Boyuan Electronics tells you that it means aligning the components to the coordinate system of the machine (system);


6. Placement of components: not only place the components on the set position of the circuit board, this step requires extremely high working ability of the staff, and it is also one of the importance of ensuring the quality of the product.


7. Circuit board unloading: transfer the mounted circuit board to the unloading device, and take out the mounted circuit board from the unloading device.