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Is there an additional charge for small batch proofing
PCB News
Is there an additional charge for small batch proofing

Is there an additional charge for small batch proofing


Is there an additional charge for small batch proofing and patch processing?
In the process of circuit board production, proofing patch processing is undoubtedly a link that cannot be ignored, and proofing patch processing is also a very popular type of technology and process, and it is a surface assembly technology or installation. Technology, naturally, has very high requirements for operators.
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So, is there an extra charge for small-batch proofing and patch processing? Dongguan Boyuan Electronic Network Editor tells you that the specific situation is analyzed in detail. In most cases, the cost of proofing patch processing is calculated based on the number of components. For example, one patch is counted as one point, then a triode is counted as 1.5 points, so the proofing patch When calculating the processing fee, it can be calculated by multiplying the number of points by the unit price. It can be seen that the cost of proofing patch processing mostly includes the cost of auxiliary materials such as red glue, solder paste, and washing water.

Any company needs to invest a certain amount of time and cost when performing proofing and patch processing. In other words, it means time loss. Regardless of whether it is mass proofing and patch processing or small batch proofing and patch processing, the preliminary engineering is basically the same, including machine programming, PCB positioning, booting and printing the first piece and confirming it. This time node is often very important, and the manual is natural. It takes time, or how to stick the circuit board under the pressure.

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But what if the amount is small? Many friends will also ask whether this situation will lead to an increase in the cost of proofing and patch processing. On the same time basis, the production efficiency of the large amount of proofing and patch processing is higher, after all, the time spent on the preliminary work There is no way to omit it, so it is reasonable for the customer to subsidize some fees appropriately.

Maybe some friends see here and feel that what the web editor said is not particularly objective, or that it is a family statement, there is no special basis. In this regard, we will discuss it in the spirit of craftsmanship. Proofing chip processing is often quoted in various aspects, which does not exclude the size of the product, the amount of finished products, the complexity of the circuit board, the difference in circuit board process requirements, and so on. Most circuit board manufacturers prefer to receive orders that are not particularly large in size and can be processed by proofing and patching. After all, this type of order can not only increase the efficiency during the operation, but also reduce the labor cost. Attrition can also be avoided.

However, electronics often encounter this type of customer. They often think that their circuit boards are small, and the amount of proofing and patch processing will be considered too small. Naturally, the price should also be cheap. There is such a confusion that Boyuan Electronics can understand, but It is still one-sided to assume that the price is low when the quantity is small. You should know that whether it is a large-batch or small-batch proofing and patch processing, the time spent in the early stage and the preparation work are the same, especially the start-up fee can not be omitted, then this means that the small-batch proofing and patch processing requires additional One of the reasons for charging.

Nowadays, more and more electronic products are pursuing compactness. The requirements for PCB proofing and patch processing are naturally reliable, miniaturized, low-cost, and automated. All of our colleagues in Electronics Co., Ltd. can be the first customers Worry and worry, put the problems that customers can think of first, respond to the solutions as soon as possible, and answer questions. The existing special production lines of electronics can provide one-stop service from patch, plug-in, finished product assembly to packaging, and strive to create a one-stop service to escort the quality of electronic products for our customers!