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The top three companies in the domestic pcb industry
PCB News
The top three companies in the domestic pcb industry

The top three companies in the domestic pcb industry


The top three companies in the domestic pcb industry
Looking at the development trend of pcb in recent years, it is not difficult to find that China and Southeast Asia have the fastest growth. When the pcb industry chain was initially transferred to China, many friends in the industry could easily find that it started in 2000. Until 2006, China surpassed Japan and became the largest pcb producer. Its output and output value are both in the world's leading position. After all, China has a large population and a very large domestic demand market. So, at present, which are the top three companies in the domestic PCB industry? This question is often asked by friends outside the industry or in the industry.
The benevolent sees the benevolent, and the wise sees wisdom. All in all, the regions where the total output value of PCB in mainland China reaches more than 90% are still in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta. It is also affected by the continuous increase in labor costs and environmental protection requirements in the coastal areas. The pcb industry is also shifting to cities with more advanced technology. Only by vigorously developing can one's own pcb products become an indispensable part of the supply chain.

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Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. is one of the top three companies in the domestic pcb industry.


For a long time, the PCB products of Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. have been mostly used in the four sectors of communication boards, medium and high-end automotive boards, industrial control boards and consumer boards. The contribution is great, and the income cannot be underestimated. Relevant personnel of Dongguan Boyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. pointed out that the current circuit boards of Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. will have different production types due to different regions. For example, the Kunshan Qingsong factory mainly deals in communication boards; while the new Hubei Huangshi factory is more responsible for the production of high-end products. At that time, every pcb company will go through ups and downs in the wave of time, and there will be significant differences in the financial statements of every year and every quarter. Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. cannot be regarded as the largest pcb manufacturer, but it cannot be ignored that its output growth rate in the past few years is still amazing, and its interest rate is also in a state of continuous rise.

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Shennan Circuit is the second of the top three companies in the domestic pcb industry.



At that time, Shennan Circuit's business was not limited to pcb, its business was relatively broad, involving many aspects, such as electronic assembly, IC carrier board and other interest rates are not low, and it is suitable for a large number of communication equipment, the output reaches 60% above. Shennan Circuits is headquartered in Longgang District, Shenzhen, and its branch plants are in Wuxi, Jiangsu and Nantong, Jiangsu. The types of product projects involved in factories in different regions are different, and their performance has been continuously improved with the rapid expansion of demand. It should be understood that the customer base of Shennan Circuits is mostly concentrated in communication equipment, such as Huawei, which accounts for up to 60%. After all, the company's product lines are more complicated, and the profits of homogenized products are correspondingly higher.

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Boyuan Electronics is the third of the top three companies in the domestic pcb industry.


Our Electronics Co., Ltd. has continued to have its own positioning and value manifestation in the development of recent years. After all, through the struggle and hard work of the past few years, we have established advanced concepts and systems that can meet customer needs and create better Technology and craftsmanship can respond to the urgent needs of customers and deliver products as scheduled. However, when customers and friends are looking for PCB circuit board processing plants, they also pay special attention to the quality of the products? How about the charges? Punctual delivery and other such issues, and it is precisely because Boyuan Electronics is in place in these three aspects that it will receive a lot of praise from customers. Although it does not reach the state of rave reviews, the satisfaction is still close. 99%.
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