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Which one is better for PCBA patch proofing?
PCB News
Which one is better for PCBA patch proofing?

Which one is better for PCBA patch proofing?


Which one is better for PCBA patch proofing?
We are facing the wind and feeling the new life brought about by reform and development. Our generation is self-improvement, and the times have undergone earth-shaking changes. Our lives are inseparable from all kinds of electronic products, and the normal use of these electronic products is built on a small circuit board. , The five internal organs are complete”, so this small circuit board contains many small-sized SMD components, exerting infinite power. Faced with many PCBA patch proofing manufacturers that have sprung up after the rain, which one is better for PCBA patch proofing? This has undoubtedly become a question that many customers will ask.

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To choose a professional and reliable PCBA patch proofing manufacturer, it is natural to consider all aspects. Based on everyone's evaluation, our Electronics Co., Ltd. still has a very good reputation and can undertake a large number of PCBA patch proofing work and services. It also covers one-stop services such as PCB manufacturing, component procurement, patch processing, plug-ins, and finished product assembly testing.

The first point: strength guarantee.

How do you say it? Electronics has been speaking with strength since its inception. The SMT workshop has imported placement machines, multiple optical inspection equipment, high daily output, and each process is equipped with quality inspection personnel to keep an eye on product quality. And these workers are highly proficient, and can handle the welding work of various plug-in materials on the production line.

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The second point: The quality of electronic products is guaranteed, and the price is extremely high.



Since Bo Electronics is equipped with high-end equipment in a targeted manner, it is naturally not a problem for the placement of some special-shaped parts, and the production of prototypes and large and small batches can be realized. After all, the equipment is in place and the machine is in place.


The third point: PCBA patch proofing operation experience is rich, the delivery time is stable.

As the name suggests, electronics has served many electronics companies over the years, and the fields involved are beyond imagination. It involves SMT chip processing services for various types of automotive equipment and industrial control motherboards. Products are often exported to Europe and the United States. , The quality can be affirmed by new and old customers. In addition, the punctual delivery of Boyuan Electronics has also been recognized by the public. On the basis of complete materials, normal shipments can be achieved within 3-5 days. Of course, small batches can also be shipped on the same day.


The fourth point: PCBA patch proofing work is stable after-sales, service is guaranteed, and workers have strong maintenance capabilities.

Because the Electronics Co., Ltd. has always recruited talents, it has targeted experienced maintenance engineers to repair defective products caused by soldering in various PCBA patch proofing work, effectively ensuring the connection of each circuit board The customer service staff is ready to respond 24 hours a day, and can use the fastest speed to solve the problem of the order.
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For the friendly communication between the two parties and the affirmation of the PCBA patch proofing delivery period, our quotation can be customized according to the customer's requirements. Starting from the PCB board documentation, we will provide a complete BOM list and realize the PCB assembly drawing, which is reasonable Effectively test every step, of course, all these aspects are based on the cost