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Cultivate technical talents for SMT placement machine
PCB News
Cultivate technical talents for SMT placement machine

Cultivate technical talents for SMT placement machine


      In recent years, SMT technology has rapidly developed into the mainstream of my country's electronics manufacturing technology and has been widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry. The rapid development of SMT, on the one hand, enables entrepreneurs, researchers, and engineers to discover business opportunities, find topics, develop products and promote and drive the development of related industries, creating a large number of employment opportunities. On the other hand, the use of advanced technology and equipment requires a large number of masters. Supported by SMT talents with advanced manufacturing technology.

      However, compared with the rapid growth of SMT wealth, my country's SMT education and training are lagging behind. Whether it is people’s opinions, growth rate and quality, they are far from being able to adapt to the growth needs of SMT wealth. Because the common sense layout and comprehensive skills of the employees cannot keep up with the growth of their skills, and the level of management is low, some companies cannot improve the quality of their craftsmanship and can only produce products with low skills. Some companies fall into the vicious cycle of low-price competition.

      In our country, the corresponding disciplines, amateur configuration and teaching training system configuration items have just started. As in the past, it is difficult for the amateur disciplines set up by major schools to meet the requirements of SMT.

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According to the rules of explanation, it takes at least three or four years to learn to breed qualified SMT talents.

  1, SMT skill is a very practical skill. Rather than saying that the basic knowledge of SMT technology comes from school or courses, it is better to say that it comes from reality, from the teaching, helping, and leading of disciples who have experienced in the actual environment. Any separation of actual reality and lack of practical academic explanations will not help the healthy growth of SMT teaching.

  2, the company’s requirements for the “gray-collar” SMT skilled personnel's common sense and skill layout determine the orientation of the training policy for SMT skilled talents in higher vocational colleges. "Blue-collar" SMT talents can be educated through secondary vocational education, or they can be nurtured by the human spirit of the enterprise; "Golden-collar" SMT talents require a small amount of practical experience, and schoolwork alone cannot be nurtured.

  3, higher vocational colleges can achieve the basic premise of supporting the education and education of SMT talents for the "gray-collar" SMT through the explanation and transformation of SMT implementation room configuration, SMT amateur teacher training, and the pursuit of school-enterprise cooperation.

   Based on the above analysis, higher vocational colleges should adopt "gray-collar" SMT talents as the education policy. The orientation of talent training should be: to understand the basic skills and production process of SMT, to master the basic functions and use of SMT configuration (including SMT placement machine / solder paste printer / reflow soldering, etc.), with the experience of configuration dominance and management, With a sophisticated professional essence, he can dominate SMT configuration in the front line of corporate consumption, and maintain general maintenance, SMT process and production, process documentation, rough handling of process and process issues, rewards, penalties, and quality control (IQC, IPQC, OQC), material control and other technical matters of junior user-oriented talents.

   According to senior experts, SMT is one of the ten most vital technologies in the information industry today. To realize the importance of training smt talents. Now speaking of methods for cultivating SMT technical talents, the SMT technical talents enterprises need are divided into three levels. Different types of enterprises have different requirements for the three levels of SMT technical talents.

   1. "Blue-collar" SMT technical personnel. "Blue-collar" SMT technical personnel refer to technical workers who undertake the specific operations of smt equipment or processes in production positions and have a certain understanding of SMT equipment, patch materials, and chip materials. The corresponding post groups include comprehensive management personnel (such as material managers), equipment or process operators, etc.

   2. "Gray-collar layer" SMT technical personnel. "Gray-collar layer" refers to the technical personnel who undertake the SMT process, document and quality management and material control work on the production line, or the engineering personnel who undertake the daily operation, testing, maintenance, and repair of SMT equipment, to operate and manage the equipment Have a little experience. The corresponding post groups include comprehensive management personnel (such as quality control personnel), team leaders, process or equipment technicians, etc.

   3. "Golden Collar" SMT technical personnel. "Golden collar" refers to engineering personnel with rich practical experience with knowledge and ability of SMT basic theory, technology and production process, SMT equipment performance and application, and SMT process project management. The corresponding post groups include equipment or process assistant engineers, equipment or process engineers, managers or plant directors, etc.