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What is the PCB soldering process?
PCB News
What is the PCB soldering process?

What is the PCB soldering process?


What is the PCB soldering process?
In the PCB soldering process, always pay attention to the PCB soldering process. Only by controlling every step of the PCB soldering process can the damage to the components on the circuit board be avoided. At present, our Electronics Co., Ltd. is providing PCB design, PCB production proofing, SMT chip processing and PCBA processing and other manufacturing services. Naturally, we have a say in the PCB soldering process. For details, see below:

 PCB board

When getting a circuit board, the correct way to hold it should be to grasp the four corners and edges of the circuit board to avoid problems with the solder joints, components and connectors of the circuit board when touching with bare hands; similarly, the PCB soldering process Before proceeding, it is best to avoid oil stains on your hands, after all, stains will hinder the subsequent welding work; fingerprints are also corrosive to components, so this oxidation phenomenon should be avoided; Boyuan Electronics kindly reminds all friends It is best to wear an anti-static protective wrist when taking it, which can effectively ensure the effectiveness of the anti-static wrist when grounded.


Some friends may feel that the above remarks are unsatisfactory and have not mentioned the PCB soldering process. The engineer of Boyuan pointed out that the reason for mentioning the above content is to avoid loss during operation and avoid some improprieties. At present, the PCB welding process mainly includes manual plug-in, manual welding, repair and inspection. For details, see the following:

 PCB welding board

1. It is necessary to choose according to the production task. Only by selecting the correct BOM list of the corresponding model can the correctness of the model during the subsequent operation of the PCB soldering process be ensured, and the non-damage of the circuit board can be avoided.



2. During the operation of the PCB soldering process, it is necessary to check the surface of the lower circuit board, whether the surface is clean, dust-free, oil-free, and fingerprint-free. If it is not clean, it must be cleaned with alcohol. The PCB soldering process can not be operated until the alcohol is completely volatilized.


Three. One item that cannot be ignored in the PCB welding process is to select the corresponding device according to the BOM list, and carefully check the type, quantity, etc. of the device, and check the surface and pin of the component. Look at whether there is damage or rust marks, etc. These undesirable factors often cause the performance of the components to be affected.


4. Once the types and quantities of components and circuit boards are confirmed, connections and plug-ins must be made according to the corresponding labels to ensure the orderly progress of the entire work.


Five, of course, one of the most important points in the PCB welding process that cannot be ignored is to ensure the soldering without leakage, false soldering, and so on. After the PCB soldering process is completed, cut off the excess pins and check each solder joint to determine whether it has unqualified items and so on. Once it is found, it needs to be repaired vigorously.

 Circuit board

Pay attention to every step of the PCB soldering process. Don't lose too much because of small mistakes. After all the work is completed, you need to focus on the packaging and transportation issues. After all, PCBA is a kind of fragile and easily damaged product. The staff of Boyuan Electronics reminds you that it is necessary to carefully package by bubble bag, pearl cotton, electrostatic bag and vacuum bag before transportation. Only in this way It is very important to be able to prevent problems before they happen, especially the surface cleaning and drying of moisture-proof packaging.