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How to quote for SMT processing?
PCB News
How to quote for SMT processing?

How to quote for SMT processing?


How to quote for SMT processing?
Under the influence of the global epidemic, the price of chips has exploded, which has doubled compared to the past. This situation has also led to the increase in the price of chip raw materials and the increase in the cost of machinery and equipment, but no matter how the situation changes, the status of SMT processing in the entire electronics industry cannot be replaced.

For individuals who are new to this industry, or for many companies and R&D teams that need SMT processing, how to quote for SMT processing is still extremely unfamiliar. Where does the SMT processing quotation come from? This will make many friends who are not familiar with the SMT processing industry feel confused and bizarre. The engineer of pcb Electronics Co., Ltd. tells you that the production link of SMT processing is still very complicated. How to quote for SMT processing? It is also affected by various factors, so let's talk about it in detail with you.

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1. Quotation for SMT processing in accordance with the process.

In the process of SMT processing, whether there is lead will determine the level of the processing price. The engineer of Boyuan Electronics tells you that the price of the lead process is relatively cheaper, while the price of the lead-free process is relatively higher; in addition, the red plastic SMT chip processing operation is easier, and the price will naturally be It is lower, and the dual process of solder paste and red glue is more troublesome, and the corresponding SMT processing quotation is also much higher.

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2. How to quote for SMT processing? Quotation is based on the quantity.

The first type is the quantity processing is relatively small, often only a few or dozens of pieces. There is no doubt that it adopts a low-consumption method to charge a certain processing fee. Naturally, it will not be calculated by points during the SMT processing quotation. ; The second type is when the production quantity is controlled below 1,000 pieces, this is a small batch of SMT processing, and the quotation method will be calculated according to the combination of engineering costs and points; but if it is mass production, The price should not be calculated according to the point * unit price.

3. SMT quotation must be separated from the difficulty of its own.

When discussing this point, we take an example to illustrate. May I ask, in the production process of the same product, which one-sided operation or two-sided operation is more cumbersome? There is no doubt that the double-sided SMT quotation will be slightly more expensive; in the process of SMT processing, the price is naturally different according to the accuracy. It is necessary to know that the more precise SMT chip processing is slightly more expensive, and the accuracy is not required. Naturally, the price will not be very high; the density of SMT devices also has an essential difference, which will also determine the high and low SMT quotations.

Fourth, the operation time is different, and the price is different.
How to quote for SMT processing? Counting the number of SMT placements, it is not difficult to find that for SMT processing and proofing orders of less than 100 pieces, the difficulty of the PCB board will determine the length of the operation time, and the processing fee is naturally the same as this. Relationship.

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Five, I have to mention the steel mesh.


During SMT processing, because the size of the PCB board is different, the type of steel mesh required is also different, so by judging the precision of the chips on the board, it is reasonable to choose electro-polished steel mesh or ordinary steel mesh, different steel mesh , The cost also has different requirements, of course, the majority of customers and friends can also provide their own steel mesh.
How to quote for SMT processing? The above content is discussed from five points. When choosing an SMT processing manufacturer, we still have to consider many aspects, and comprehensively choose a best quality SMT processing manufacturer. After all, they have extremely rich processing experience and even contract labor and materials. Can really relieve customers' worries.