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How does the smt electronics factory survive?
PCB News
How does the smt electronics factory survive?

How does the smt electronics factory survive?


The first question in 2021: How does the smt electronics factory survive?
More and more smt electronics factories have sprung up, but how the smt electronics factory will survive in 2021 has become one of the issues that many entrepreneurs are thinking about. Nowadays, the cost price of chips has reached an uncontrollable level, and intermittent stock-outs in the supply chain also occur from time to time. The smt electronics factory needs to purchase raw materials, and the capital chain becomes tense. Even though there are various problems, PCB Co., Ltd. is still working hard, even if the market has reached a saturated state, even if the environment is not satisfactory, but it is determined to be in the leading position in the industry!

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Where there is demand, there is a market, and it has always been an eternal truth. The production capacity of smt electronics factory is tight, which is related to the fate of everyone up and down the enterprise. Therefore, entrepreneurs often need to find ways to expand production capacity and prevent production risks. "Surviving" has become even more important. The specific measures are as follows:


1. Excellent core managers bear the brunt.


What does it mean? Rather than sitting in the office thinking deeply about the future development space and survival plan, it is better to take action and go to the front line of the smt electronics factory to see if there are loopholes in the current management. It is undeniable that the cost of smt electronics factory is increasing day by day, and if the profit is to be higher, it needs to be changed, and it needs to start from the perspective of management to continuously improve the company's process management. Every employee should be dedicated to his or her position, and should not be inattentive. Only in this way can we truly implement the process, product quality management, and product quality improvement. When every employee has a sense of autonomy, the equipment maintenance and repair costs will inevitably be reduced. Is it difficult to achieve substantial profits?



2. Combining "customer source" with the company's own capabilities.


How about the company's orders, that is, what is the source of customers? The customer is the god of the enterprise. If the customer is not maintained well, then failure must be expected. The smt electronics factory must be precise in the customer mining process and find customers that match its capabilities. Only in this way can it achieve long-term plans and ensure long-term cooperation. Let's take a simple example. If the smt electronics factory itself is not large, but cooperates with a large company, there is no doubt that this violates the strategic idea of "right to the door", and the survival of the smt electronics factory will become difficult.

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3. How about the order mode of smt electronics factory?


Whether the smt electronics factory can meet the needs of customers, especially in the case of batch orders, the prerequisite should be proofing, so that the customer can judge whether the smt electronics factory is capable of accepting this order. It is precisely with such a process as a prerequisite that the managers of smt electronics factory should not only focus on batch orders, but should produce good samples without distraction. Customer satisfaction is the first priority. In the end, batch orders can become entangled." Point"?

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The development process of smt electronics factory has undergone decades of changes, and its development model is constantly changing. If the entrepreneurs of smt electronics factory want to make their smt processing business more profitable, then some heavy old ones Thinking must be discarded. What suits you is far more important than "eat a fat man in one breath". Under the premise of continuously improving the company’s way of thinking, God’s customer service will be improved, production costs will be transitioned from less to more, and pcb product quality has been maintained. !