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What is the reason for the serious loss of smt materials?
PCB News
What is the reason for the serious loss of smt materials?

What is the reason for the serious loss of smt materials?


What is the reason for the serious loss of smt materials? How to correct?
If a pcb company wants to grow and gain a reputation, it must have good product quality as a support point. In the process of smt processing, smt materials occupy a position not to be underestimated. It should be known that once the material is dirty, damaged, irregular or oxidized, then it is said that the product is unqualified and the product is poorly recognized; when it is larger, a company is rejected by the customer. Tens have been passed down, and over time, the good reputation accumulated before will be greatly reduced.

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1. Violent operations. It is undeniable that the first thing smt materials pass through during the operation is the hands of the operators. If the violent operation, the tearing belt is too long when installing the materials, and the material is pressed too much, it is very likely that the loss and loss of the smt materials will occur. At present, in order to prevent such incidents, the team leader of Boyuan Electronics will regularly train ocb employees to reserve two or three vacancies and check the position of the FEEDRE gear. From the pressing to the material window, they will keep an eye on each time point. , To ensure that there are no problems with smt materials.

2. The debris on the base of the smt material table should be removed reasonably. I have to point out that in order to catch up with the schedule and progress, some units often ignore the sundries on the table base. Experienced operators will find that smt processing is prone to not in place and shaking during the operation, resulting in failure. Reclaimer. Before operation, operators will be trained to check the position of the table base of the machine to avoid such things.

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Three, smt material chuck. This is a common problem. Due to the improper operation of the operator, the chuck phenomenon on the FEEDER will occur. The only corrective method is to install the smt material on the FEEDER.


Fourth, the hidden dangers during the feeding process were not cleared in time. When it comes to this problem, it has to be involved in all aspects, such as changes in tension, tape reeling, poor feeding, and FEEDER TAPE floats and throws when the coil is not removed in time. At present, these hidden dangers appear in every company, and the only way to correct them is to strictly require operators to perform standardized operations. Because of this, this is a highly sophisticated process, so a group of professional engineers are hired to promote and strictly supervise this work before daily operations to avoid mistakes.

5. There are discrepancies in the registration of smt materials. If it is due to the loss of smt materials, it is really regrettable. This error is often based on the company's management system. Relevant persons in charge will avoid most of the hidden dangers and require their material personnel to count the relevant quantities during the process of entering and exiting the production line, PCBA installation process, and do a good job of registration. Only in this way can material loss or loss be avoided.

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6. The aging, deformation, and insufficient air pressure of the machine cause the loss of smt materials. At present, Boyuan Electronics will require technicians to inspect and test the equipment every day, and clean the nozzles in a timely manner. The machine will never be forced to work when the scheduled maintenance time is reached, and some vulnerable parts will definitely be replaced in time. Only when this work is in place can the correctness of the reclaiming be guaranteed and the throwing phenomenon caused by the failure of identification can be avoided.

"What is the reason for the serious loss of smt materials? How to correct it?" The statement on this problem is not difficult to see the argument that "it's man-made". It is precisely because of too much uncertainty that our entrepreneurs often need to learn to manage themselves. The company learns to employ people. Only in this way can it be comprehensive and eliminate the phenomenon of smt material loss.