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Employee's heartfelt words on smt process production
PCB News
Employee's heartfelt words on smt process production

Employee's heartfelt words on smt process production


Employee's heartfelt words on smt process production
Time has passed quietly, and this year's smt process production seems to have entered a bottleneck period. Regarding the future development of smt technology, the development trend of chips, the company's profitability, etc., undoubtedly have become doubts in the minds of many bosses. Of course, how to survive in the general environment has become an urgent issue.
Looking at the current smt process production workshop, most of the smt process employees are working step by step, and they are also meticulous in accordance with the requirements of the company and the workshop, but the bosses don’t just need a "obedient" and disobedient employee, on the contrary the boss What we are very happy to see is that on the basis of completing their own work, employees will have a sense of "protagonist", not only will their ability be improved, but the company's CEO will also be very pleased. How to do it? A staff member said these few words from the bottom of his heart, which made people think deeply.
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1. The smt process flow needs to be further improved.


The smt process is cumbersome and requires close coordination of all links. Naturally, the coordination between various departments must be done well. The staff can only make this operation fast, effective, and simple after improving and optimizing the process on the basis of improving the smt process capability. Compared with the smt process workshops of other companies, Boyuan Electronics has a relatively high degree of automation. Therefore, when receiving customer orders, it will complete it on time, according to regulations, and quality without overtime.

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2. The quality of smt craftsmanship has always been the core of the product.


The speed of technological progress far exceeds ordinary people's imagination. Not only are employees amazed at the speed of its development, but also corporate managers often rack their brains for reforms and updates. With the ever-expanding competition rate of the smt craft industry, how to improve the quality of smt craft products on the premise of ensuring the quality of existing products? It can be said responsibly that in terms of quality, our company has never dared to relax, and actively discovers and controls possible problems. As long as there are hidden dangers that seriously threaten product quality, all departments and related personnel will do it as soon as possible. Information sharing, meeting to communicate, and effective handling, prevent the occurrence of such quality problems. "Quality control" has always been the principle that Boyuan Electronics adheres to, and self-inspection and mutual inspection are indispensable.


Third, the improvement of management level, the construction of smt process team is equally important.


If you want every process to be comprehensive and there is no negligence, there is no doubt that the team construction and management of the smt process are imminent. Regular training is provided to the team, so that the capable people have room to play, and further drive the rest of the staff. As the so-called "live and learn", only by grasping the initiative in work, can we face the problems that may arise with a strong heart, and calmly deal with this problem, and create a conscience pcb product.

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Time often flies so that we are caught off guard, but this should be the reason why we hurt the spring and mourn the autumn. Not only the development of domestic smt technology is changing with each passing day, but the international development is even more amazing. Therefore, every colleague is constantly digging new operating skills from actual production experience, constantly learning and changing, promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses, and is tied to the company’s future. . PCb entrepreneurs often organize their employees to learn, learn new thinking, new knowledge, not only to bulge everyone's "pockets", but also invisibly become confident and calm in their mental outlook.